WWDC 2019, My Take As A Non Geek

From a ‘average user’ prospective.

  • Dark mode, great idea.
  • Updating Swift. Looks promising.
  • Voice control. Love it.
  • Powerhouse Desktop. Great! I will never get to touch one, but still great for it’s intended use.
  • Modifications to ITunes? Good idea.
  • I see groundwork being laid for future services throughout the Apple environment.
  • Updated Siri. Much much needed.
  • Maps update looks great.
  • Keeping as much personal information private as they can, thank you Apple!


  • Voice Commands (dictation ?)
  • Enhanced Reminders, Notes, Mail, and Files
  • Keyboard (slide and small floating)
  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Trinitarian approach to iTunes
  • iPad iOS (gestures, drag and drop, and the like)
  • Photos mods

I’m curious to see how well these areas are implemented…

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Sorry to be dense but I don’t get what you mean by this.

Breaking iTunes up into three separate apps. A trinity of apps, if you will.

My concern is that the new three apps will not have the same AppleScript capabilities that itunes has…

Seems to be fine. Check out the Twitter from Doug’s AppleScripts: