WWDC 2019 - What are you looking forward to?

Before the rumors really get going, I figured now is a good time to see what everyone is hoping for at WWDC 2019! While I’m sure everyone has a long list of topics, what one thing are you most looking forward to / hoping for / wishing for even though you know it won’t happen?

For me I’m hoping we at least see the rumored / inevitable ARM MacBook. I’m hoping for basically a 2 port version of the current MacBook adorable but ARM powered. I love the small format computer (typing this on a 11" MacBook air from 2012), and can’t even imagine what it would be like with the abilities that an apple chip would unlock (long battery life, even lighter, cellular?, marzipan?, faster than intel, less burning of my lap). While my iPad + brydge gets pretty close, having macOS would make that a perfect fit for me.

iPad focused improvements to iOS (stuff like this, basically).


Same here! Right now I cringe before I set out to do something on my iPad that involves moving data into or out of an app, or sharing data between apps. The convoluted workflows (and Workflows) required drive me insane. My fingers are crossed that Apple gives us some (more) much needed improvements.

Also, I hope that they reveal something about the MacPro, and that what they reveal makes it obvious why it’s taking so long to produce it.

(I know that’s two things instead of one, so if necessary I can prove that 2 = 1 :stuck_out_tongue: )

Face ID in all desk end laptops.
Lower cost for SSD upgrades.

HomePod audio module; basically a HomePod without speaker than can be connected to an HiFi system so you don’t have to turn on the tv in order to play music…

I have one of those! The most recent AirPort Express devices got upgraded to AirPlay2, and it has both LineOut and OpticalOut for audio.

Works fine too.

I am thinking this might be a product that ends up “too cheap” and with too low margins for Apple to bother. It also might hurt HomePod sales, so I am not expecting to see a new one.

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Make the iPad great again! (By making the OS far better with multitasking, more interaction between apps, possibly better support for running background processes and…)
Make the iPad run Macos!

A new (i)Mac that makes me finally ditch my 10 years old Windows PC…

(FaceID or TouchID could be a major factor)

I want to see improvement in iCloud storage and apps like Photos. Looking for the ability for my wife and I to share a common photo store and for documents like you can do in Dropbox.

On the hardware side I’d like to see the new Mac Pro. Not looking to buy one, just want to see it get released.

Ah thanks, I did not know that. Time to upgrade :slight_smile:

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Marzipan and because of that stickers in Messages on the Mac.

Sticking to one is hard.

If iOS 13 offers the expected revamp of the filesystem and homescreen I’ll be chuffed.

If they include support for pointing devices I’ll be ecstatic (and I’ll be buying an iPad Pro soon after).


Absolutely. Peripheral access will change everything for me.

I want to upgrade my 2015 Macbook Pro so looking forward to any updates in that line. I’m also considering switching an iMac but not sure.

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A new keyboard design for the laptop line that makes them reliable again.

I’m still using my 2010 White Macbook. Like @rlamarch, I have concerns about the keyboard design as I don’t want to have to constantly send my computer to get repaired.

Additionally I’d like some stuff done with Messages. For one I would like to see the ability to mark as unread. Also I have a couple friends who have had over the years multiple phone numbers. As such it would be nice if text messages could be associated with the contact instead of the specific phone number.

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Like this one: https://www.behance.net/gallery/69322509/iMac-Concept

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That is a beautiful concept iMac. Looks like he even sneaked an SD card reader in the back of the keyboard. My general complaint with the iMac design (and I have a 2017 and love it) is Apple’s obsession with thinness. I don’t need my iMac to be thin, it sits against a wall where no one can see how thick or thin it is. Thicker would be more serviceable like the previous generation with magnets, easier to keep cool, and probably cheaper to engineer and build with more available space in the case.

  1. Obviously any news about ARM Macs
  2. Anything Siri
  3. The ability to use a wireless mouse with an iPad/iOS.
  4. The equivalent of entry level iPad in another range. Cheap and democratising.

A new MacBook Pro that’s professional (upgradeable RAM/SSDs, connectivity, keyboard) again and not a souped up MacBook Air.

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