WWDC 2020 Keynote thread!

Do you have your popcorn and drink of choice at the ready? Keynote scorecards? (“Hair Force One” is a cheat we can all use!)

Let’s get ready to watch!

You can stream the event through the “TV” app on Apple devices, from the Apple website, or on YouTube: https://youtu.be/GEZhD3J89ZE.

See you in an hour!



Oddly enough, while I’m really looking forward to the keynote, there isn’t any particularly thing that I’m really wishing for them to announce. I’ve read all the wishlist articles and listened to all the pre-WWDC podcasts and a lot of the things fall into the “that would be pretty neat” category. There’s nothing rumored that I’ll be really disappointed if we don’t get.


Latest rumors are no new consumer hardware, so it seems all the news will be platform-related.

Surf’s up at Big Sur!


I’ve been wondering: if they announce an ARM transition but for hardware coming later, how do they not Osborne effect current offerings or even any upcoming Intel-based upgrades?

Stay tuned, I guess.

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I’m ready to go… !

I actually prefer that. My hardware is generally up to date. The biggest improvements are needed in the OSs, esp., iPad OS and then other apps. like Apple Mail.

The same way the avoided it in the Motorola to PowerPC transition, and the PowerPC to Intel transition.

On the software side, I’m hoping that stability at the OS-level is emphasized. I had a rough ride with macOS Catalina in the early days and iOS/iPadOS weren’t as solid out of the gates as I would have liked. I’m also hoping that Mail will get some love on both macOS and iOS/iPadOS.

On the hardware side, I’m hoping that new iMacs will be announced. While my late 2015 iMac is still humming along, I’m looking forward to upgrading, especially since I do quite a bit of video editing.

I’ve never looked into that. How did they do that?

Yes. But the details of the footwork are interesting. And I’m reminded that the amount of revenue that’s Mac-dependent now is much smaller than in previous transitions.

Does Apple usually post the press releases at the moment the keynote starts – in this case, 10 am? Or should we expect to see them later today?

  1. The vast majority of consumers don’t care what kind of chip is in their Mac.
  2. Of those that do care, some will prefer an Intel-based machine (to virtualize Windows or x86 server OSs).
  3. Unlike Osborn, Apple has plenty of cash in the bank and other income streams (cough iPhone cough) that can tide them over any delayed purchases during the transition.
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I’m also very curious to witness a virtual Keynote. I’ve been to many of these in-person in the past and the energy in the room was always palpable. I wonder what the level of engagement will be like without the applause of adoring fans. Time will tell!

I’m ready for a new iMac at the end of the year. I kind of hope that the leaks/rumors about a redesign aren’t true, as I generally loathe buying version 1.0 of any Apple hardware.

Latest ARM rumors are very strange - that a 13" MBP and iMac will be the first releases. This makes very little sense to me, as the power/performance and battery life for ARM would make the most impact in a low-end mass-market Macbook. Yet it comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, who has deep hooks in the Apple supply chain.

Apple’s moves consistently surprise me. I thought the announcement of Apple Stores was potentially disastrous :man_shrugging:, yet I immediately recognized the Apple Cube and 3rd-gen Shuffle as flops… and I’d have predicted none of it.

Answer’s a little too long for a fast-moving WWDC thread. But Google Is Your Friend. :grinning:

Apple never undercuts its presentations by releasing the press releases first.

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Except when they manage to accidentally post website images, documentation, etc. to public URLs where enterprising people can find them ahead of time :wink: (which they seem to have avoided this year).

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Pfui. I just want to read the releases and be done with it.

And then listen to MPU and Gruber’s podcasts later of course!


My 2020 MacBook Air is still within the 14 return period - very interested to see whether I will be returning it to wait for an ARM machine next year.