WWDC 2020 Keynote thread!

HairForceOne: Yes, now you can!


CF: Look, here’s another innovative way for you to see your icons the way we want them to be!

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Ap Library on the iPhone/iPad makes me think I should just delete the unused apps that populate pages 3, 4 and 5 on my phone.

Widgets look great - like a cross between Android and WindowsPhone.

I still miss being able to organize my apps in iTunes on the Mac. I’ve got 100+ apps on my phone, in folders and in several pages.

I’d like to be able to view apps by Date Used, so I can better prune my collection.

I doubt PiP will work with YouTube - Google has forced 3rd party apps to remove that functionality, as it’s a benefit of their pay service.

Looks actually useful, yes. Having data you can use without opening an app is a plus.

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Messages looks good! Now do email!

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Looks like its recorded from a spaceship

• More than ever, the keynote is consumer-focused.

• Face coverings on Memoji, lol.

• I’ve been expecting Translate ever since Apple introduced the AirPods. For privacy’s sake I’d love to be able to use it in my Mac web browsers too.

• Messages needs to build in more Slack-like functionality. It’s already a killer-app, but it could be more…

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I’m enjoying it! I feel like I’m watching a keynote.

I have to say I do get a bit embarrassed when Apple trumpet ‘new’ things that everyone else has (inline replies, inline mentions etc.). Talking about really small stuff makes me thing ‘oh so there’s no big stuff’).

Finally on the fashion front I have to say Apple is massively middle aged looking these days!

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Futuristic Wheelchair :+1:

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Hmm. Cycling directions are something that actually bears on my day job (Transportation Planner). Wonder how long we’ll have to wait until they spread to smaller cities like Wichita.

Super cool! Looks like it has vertical motion too, for eye-level conversations, reaching shelves, etc.

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Is this the first time Apple has actually mentioned the U1 chip in a keynote?

App Clip = OpenDoc for apps?

App Clips - one for the developers there (i.e. I didn’t really get it!)

Isn’t OpenDoc about allowing those pieces to all be in a single document?

• This is less a Dev keynote than a Relay.fm keynote.

• Oh, I’m out on errands and broke/lost my phone. Now I can’t get into my car. :smirk:

• App Clips like custom webapps. “Easy to discover” - only if devs support it, not sure how popular that will end up being, we’ll see.

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spotlight for iPadOS! :stuck_out_tongue:


Scribble: Newton reborn!

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• Sidebars: because Apple refuses to consider a shelf.

• Overlays “not cool” - yet was “cool” for years (with untold user complaints) before it was uncool. #betterlatethannever

• Scribble handwriting recognition: Apple has been trying to get this sufficiently usable for years. Glad to see they finally (believe they) did. Fingers crossed for this. If I’m Scribbling in a text field though, I wish the field would resize to a bigger box.