WWDC - 2023 - How Big?

Some podcasters believe this will be an epic WWDC. Do you think it will eventually be seen as groundbreaking as the iPhone’s launch?

UPDATE: This article may shed light on how this year’s WWDC will be received:

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I’ll call it early and hope it doesn’t age poorly. No, I don’t think it will eventually be as big as the iPhone launch.

The only major rumour of something new… new new! I am aware of is the VR headset, and they’re not the first to the party here like they were with the iPhone and I don’t think it will be paradigm shifting in its current form.

I do think it will be great though!


I’m going to say “no”. If I’m remembering correctly, the iPhone was a carrier-subsidized device that launched when most people already owned a cell phone and were on a two-year upgrade treadmill. Yes, it was temporarily exclusive to AT&T, but it was a category of device that people were already conditioned to buy.

That’s entirely different from a headset that’s rumored to be in the thousands of dollars, and isn’t already in a market category where purchases aren’t conditioned.

Also, because of carrier subsidies, lots of people - across all income strata - own iPhones. I don’t see the potential for that with a VR headset.

This take may age poorly as well. :slight_smile:


2 months ago I was leaning towards meh, possibly a dud. I didn’t quite see the use case. TV? Games? What?

I’ve been slowly questioning and flipping my opinion as I think more about the possibilities. If it’s primarily a gaming or entertainment device for movies and sports, I’ll likely lean towards it being eventually successful but less so.

But will this be a new general computing device? How powerful can such a device be? How precise? Will this be an iPad without a physical screen that will present a dock at the bottom allowing me to open up a multitude of app windows? An iPad in the air that fills my room? Letting me zoom into windows with multitouch. Reaching up to touch a window to move it, minimize it? But also use a hardware keyboard in front of me? I’m going full-on sci-fi here.

The recent rumor that it will run iPad apps and then the release of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad wondering, what will the limits be? Will I be able to run Affinity Publisher and layout a document in the air in front of me?

If this is the direction and intent then I think it will be epic. If I can put this device on at my desk or in my bed and have access to an M2-based device with the potential to have a movie playing or a MLS game along side of various apps, Safari, Mail, Messages, etc.

I don’t think it will be an instant hit or massive success simply because I think it’s going to need 1-2 years for the production kinks to be worked out. Cost brought down? What about people that wear glasses? Lots of questions.

Apple mainly sells mobile hardware these days, iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. The world has been stuck at home for years and Apple is introducing new hardware for your home and office.

Their headset may be revolutionary but I think it may need a lot of runway to get off the ground. Until they can offer something that people can wear for most/all of their activities, I don’t think it will be accepted by the general public.

Don’t feel exited at all.  oversleeping on Ai reminds me of Microsoft getting late on smartphones.
VR is a total niche market with many competent players. Don’t think Apple can add much here, and I don’t care for it.
Tim, Hair Force and Co will have hard time staying relevant. The loss of Lattner pains harder than ever, since he is deeply involved in Ai now. They have troubled 10-15 years ahead of them is my guess, just like Microsoft had. They don’t have a monopoly to fall back on, though.

Hope for Ai from Apple, but I don’t think it will happen fast enough or be good enough.

In a few hours, we’ll know. Speculation is fun but fairly meaningless.

The devil is going to be in the detail of whatever they announce.

Can Apple re-package what people are already doing with visors, and make even better use of Apple’s existing and enhanced services, so it becomes compelling and many people want to pay serious money to buy theirs and sign up to subscriptions for content. That’s been Apple’s real modus operandi for a long time. I’m looking forward to seeing their plan.

It’s the same with AI and Siri and all that. It’s not about being in the game but about taking the game over. A combination of privacy and on-device models and processing is Apple’s unique selling-point compared to vast warehouses full of dubious data and gathering more, but it is finding a way to make that compelling for users.

Tim “Apple” seems to agree:

WWDC is always one of my favorite moments of the year — and this one is going to be our best ever!


Never bet against the iPhone, or that anything will ever be as big as the iPhone. That’s a once-in-a-lifetime product. That being said, this could still be a big and exciting event. I’m looking forward to it!

Now we know: it’s been HUGE.

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I don’t know yet because I just returned from a meeting. I will not get to see the keynote until they post it online. :upside_down_face: But, I’m reading the comments; it sounds exciting.

Yeah, that qualifies as EPIC.

In related news I’m selling a kidney.



20 characters and more…

Don’t feel alarmed. God built the redundancy in so that you could have resources for products announced at WWDC.

{EDIT to add this} I’m not an early adopter for something like this—and I’d like to remain married—but I’m eagerly watching VP. The idea of working on real work on a “massive canvas” sitting in an airplane seat really got my mind spinning. I’m not all in yet, but I do think this is more promising than I originally suspected.


Agree. What we need to see is how it shakes out in the Real World. Some thoughts:

  • It automatically navigates based on hand gestures - how does that work if you’re fidgety?
  • It tracks eye movement - how does that work with “lazy eye”? Siri handles all sorts of stuff for it as well.
  • Has Siri gotten good enough that it can work without a keyboard to back it up for when it screws up?
  • It seamlessly integrates with all your other Apple tech. Y’know, the same way all your existing Apple tech supposedly works together “seamlessly”, with periodic sign-outs of iCloud required whenever there’s a glitch.

Basically, it’s a V1 product that has significant potential IF it lives up to the marketing claims.

That said…did you catch the Facetime bit where they explain how it (effectively) deepfakes your video in real-time? That’s both cool and scary all at once…


I have just seen the price - I think you may have to sell both!


@Denny or your first born. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Selling both of mine, DM me your buyer.

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Sounds like we’re going to need a new website or service exclusively for the selling of body parts and first born children for Apple Vision Pro. :joy:


No need to sell anything. I expect Apple will offer 20 year financing at their standard 15% vig. :wink: