xMac mini Server Enclosure

Too much for a Mac mini home server? :grinning:

Sonnettech xMac Mini Server Enclosure


Thsnks for sharing. Made a mental note of this one.

Have a rack build in the medium-term planning and looking for a silent server, UPS alongside Unifi network gear…

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Interesting. Feels like a niche though as far as usage cases. I do plan to eventually rack my Mac mini with their 2 mini rackmount kit.

Too much IMHO. I have a Mini with 24tb of attached storage and didn’t spend much more on the whole setup. If you just have to have a rack mount system it might be ok but don’t see it for home use.

@hmurchison what are you going to put on the other side, if anything?

@glenthompson 24TB! :astonished: How many attached drives is that? Or more probably you are using a NAS?

@simonsmark Here is an actual picture. :grinning: Now people don’t have to click the link. :+1:

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4 drives in 2 enclosures attached to a 2012 Mini. 2x8tb and 2x4tb.

I just need the two mini I have to be nice and neat in my rack and connected to my network. I primarily spend my time just using Screens to login and update them every now and then.

I am building a ZFS based NAS box so that will be where i push all of my storage.

Have a look at this: Sonnet RackMac Mini - Holdan Limited

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