Xnapper: New Screenshot tool!

Xnapper is a screenshot tool meant for sharing images that I’ve been using for several months in beta. How does it work?

You take a screenshot and Xnapper automatically includes symmetrical padding(!!) to your screenshot, rounded corners, a drop shadow, a stylized background, and more. Again, it’s really about making the prettiest screenshot for sharing as quickly as possible.

Everything previews in real-time and makes it easy to share to other apps (like CleanshotX for markup) or social media.

FWIW, I’ve been using CleanshotX for a while now and love it! For one of my jobby-jobs, I write support articles with screenshots, so the tool comes in handy! Xnapper is more about taking pretty screenshots you want to share on social. And I’ll often share an Xnapper image to Cleanshot for markup, numbering, etc.


Turns out Matt Birchler likes it, too!

Also, I’m pretty sure I bought it for $15 back when he was privately launching it in beta. And I don’t use the iOS app nor have any interest in that.

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Aside → @Cpenned you have the coolest website I have ever seen! :eyes:


Xnapper looks pretty slick. I could see using this alongside CleanShot X. It’s worth noting that Xnapper for Mac is included with Setapp.

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lol. Thanks. The code is in absolute shambles because I haven’t done anything with it in years, but I still love the feel. Hoping to redo it all here soon! Same look. Better code :slight_smile:

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Didn’t know about Setapp! Thanks for the heads up!

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This is an easy yes for me. I use screenshots in documents and presentations all. the. time. and often resort to fiddling to get a professional look.

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