XQuartz / X11 / x3270 screen blanking

XQuartz is the current implementation of X11 on MacOS.

I run one main app - x3270, a mainframe terminal emulator - which requires X11 and the port to XQuartz is pretty successful. (When it works it’s far and away the best mainframe terminal emulator on Mac.)

However there’s one rather nasty habit XQuartz has:

If you switch focus away from it the X11 window goes black. Also, when the window has the focus the rest of the screen goes black.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any resolution (pun intended)?

You might try enabling Spaces and putting the app in its own space.

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I use XQuartz based applications and haven’t seen this behavior. I’ve intermittently used XWindow-based apps for years, and haven’t seen this.
Does it happen with other XWindow applications?
What kind of hardware?

That didn’t have much effect.

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This might be just x3270. This on a 2015 MBP - whether with a second screen or not.