XS Max to iPhone 11

So I did something crazy today - ordered a iPhone 11 to replace my XS Max.

I’m on the annual upgrade program with my carrier, so financially I’m saving a little money over time by switching compared to keeping my phone another year.

The real calculus for me was that the only things I’m losing are the telephoto lens and the better OLED display. Honestly, I rarely use the telephoto lens. On the display side, I love the display, but for day-to-day usage I am emailing, texting, editing a few photos, social media, and browsing the news. I compared my phone to my wife’s XR and honestly can’t tell the difference even in video. Maybe I’m just not particular enough to see it.

What I get over my XS Max is a little smaller form factor, lighter weight, and the following:
-improves performance
-better battery life
-night mode
-ultra wide lens
-improved photography modes like better smart HDR, deep fusion, interface, extended dynamic range, and better front camera
And a range of other small tweaks.

Again, maybe I’m crazy but I didn’t see enough to convince me to step up to the Pro models over the regular iPhone 11, but there was enough there to make me willing to lose the couple of things from my XS Max. Looking forward to seeing if any of these differences aggravate me over the next year, but I doubt it. Anyone else in our community feeling the same or made a similar jump?

Thinking about it when my iPhone X is paid for in a few months. I can live without OLED but am not sure I’d like either the larger size (used to have a 7 Plus but find the X much nicer for pockets) or the lower resolution.

And 3D Touch.
And a heckuva lot of pixel area: 1792‑by‑828‑pixel resolution at 326 ppi for the 11 compared to 2688‑by-1242‑pixel resolution at 458 ppi for the XS Max

But the 11 is a nice phone, has updated Face ID and other features.

As someone who has used iOS 13 for awhile, 3D Touch functionality is still all there for me. I won’t miss it.

The lower resolution & less pixels sounds terrible on paper, but I don’t notice it at all when comparing a bunch of content from my wife’s XR to my XS Max.

They’re both 414x896 point displays. The extra pixels only really matter if your vision is good enough to tell the difference between 2x retina and 3x.

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Then you should be happy. I did a side-by-side comparison last year and when I realized that the Xr (and now the 11) showed less than the 6s Plus I was replacing I went straight to the Xs Max.

But the point is the two things you mentioned as losing were not “the only things”. :grinning:

The only real benefit of the 11 is the A13 and battery life. I personally would keep the XS just for the OLED :slight_smile: The LCD is great, but when you come from the OLED, you will definitely see the difference .

But I would definetly not go for 11 Pro. Next year will probably bring completely new designs and I would hate myself :slight_smile:


I got curious and compared the same picture (shot with XS Max) on my XR and my wife’s XS Max. For the most part the images were nearly identical. Her display showed more detail in the shadow areas and the blacks seemed richer with more subtle tones visible. For me I don’t think it is worth the price difference, that’s why I went with the XR. They both beat the hell out of my old 6s.

I am using the Xs Max and while I am not thinking to upgrade this year, I am thinking that the Xs Max is too big and heavy for me. It drags my pants down, lol. So when I do upgrade, maybe iPhone 12, I will probably go with the 12 Pro which is the smallest size (is it the lightest thought? not sure)

The iPhone 11 is 6.63 ounces and the 11 Pro is 7.97. This is because of the steel in the Pro body.

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I think this makes a lot of sense.

I would have given up the OLED, but I use the telephoto often — my son is a performer, so trying to get closer to the stage is important.

Really, the only significant differences are camera and the size. The 11 is a great phone, and I’m glad that the “baseline” phone isn’t a bad choice.


I have the Xs and am moving to the 11 this cycle. The Pro didn’t present enough value proposition to justify the cost for me.

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I’m going from a XR to a 11 Pro. The XR is just still too big for me. The X / XS / 11 Pro just feels better. I would would love a 11 style in the old 8 form factor. I’m still pining for a revamped SE, but I’ve about given up hope on that front. :man_shrugging:t2:


Wait a couple of year more and buy a used X. I think the X form factor is a great alternative to SE.

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Isn’t the X the same form factor as the XS and the 11 Pro (non-max)? If so, I agree that it’s a “better” form factor. I hate that I have to pay a premium for a smaller phone preference. :blush:

No, the Xr (which is now iPhone 11) is bigger than XS (and bigger than 11 Pro). The X is not as wide as XS and much smaller than Xr.

So, X < XS < Xr < XS Max.

I did the same thing, I am going to try it out for a few days to see if I like form factor. I also did something risky and went with the 64GB. I only used a max of 50 on my last phone and with a 512GB Ipad, I think I may be able to get by.

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Setting mine up now. Going from 256 from the XS Max to the 256 iPhone 11. Quick reaction is that the size difference is noticeable in a good way, easier to reach the top without doing the hand shimmy. Can’t tell a difference between the OLED and LCD even in sunlight. Only caveat is that I do notice the bezel and the LCD-lit black pixels when in a pitch black room, but I think both of those will not bother me over time. Really considered trading today for the regular size 11 Pro, but I really think the size difference will be too much of a step down that I regret it. This feels like the sweet spot and couldn’t talk myself into paying a bit extra for the additional features of the pro compared to the 11. Think I’m going to be happy with this.

I will note the only real downside I’ve noticed is no Apple Leather case option. :frowning:

I’m considering doing the same in a couple of weeks.
I don’t think I will notice the resolution change and I’m looking forward for the smaller form factor, lighter weight and other improvements , the perception of having a newer phone and a 32% reduction on my payment.

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