XS Max WiFi Weak?

My XS Max with latest OS will not connect reliably to my coffee shop’s WiFi. Sometimes yes, sometimes no, sometimes off and on.

10.5 tablet no problems

Apple problem or coffee shop

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Settings > General > Reset : reset network settings

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Or enter neverssl.com in the browser when it won’t connect.
It’s usually the portals that cause connection issues, I’ve found a non ssl site works to trigger the login.


I usually turned OFF and turned ON the wifi and it connected when I had my XS Max. With my 11 never had that issue.

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You don’t by chance use a on demand VPN service on your iPhone such as Encrypt.me?

Yes I use Encript.me on the phone and iPad.

I’ve run into instances where a hotel or coffee shop wifi portal would hang with Encrypt.me was trying to auto secure the connection. Which would cause an initiation loop and wouldn’t allow me to connect. Only fix I would was to temporarily disable Encrypt.me’s automatic protection, fully connect via the portal, then turn the auto protect back on.

Give that a try next time you encounter the issue.

Exactly what I did… problem disappeared on the iPhone. Thanks

I’m glad that worked! :+1: