Y’all Have Me Over Thinkin’! 👍🏻

Ok, not even gonna try to list all the smart folks that are here that have REALLY got me deep thinking about shortcuts, but here’s something that just stuck me. I am reading my insurance policies, and thought, MAN, wouldn’t it be nice if a shortcut could tell me services offered by xyz insurance company when I needed this service. Example: experience a flat tire. Type in flat tire and Siri ask trailer or tow vehicle. Type in tow vehicle. Siri responds “your AAA account can handle that. Would you like for me to call them”? Now THAT kinda function from automations would be great!!

Again, just thinking out loud. :thinking::thinking::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::grin:

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Do you get a lot of flat tires? :smiley:


There are subscription services for that. They’re probably $40,000/year and are called Executive Assistants. I really want to install one in my workflow at some point.


Thankfully, not may, but I’m sure that ya get my point. :upside_down_face::grin:

Now that would be nice :joy:. I don’t believe that I could handle to cost though.

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Well I be dang!! I realize we were having fun laughing at my ‘what if’, BUT, I just received a email from one of my insurance companies. They are rolling out a “personal assistant”, that if you trigger it, you can get the answers that I was thinking about, and more. Now THAT’S using technology as it SHOULD BE used, not playing solitaire on a high dollar device.

Annnnnnd, it makes me think. Was it a fluke that I post my question, and a few days later, I got what I was looking, or is there someone spying on us…?
(Kidddddddding on the spying y’all)