Yahoo is taking over my Google search from my Safari on my Mac

Everysince I moved to Big Sur 11.2.2, I now noticed that when I go to my Google search I get Yahoo doing the search and not Google. I have no extensions install and I did check and nothing. Not sure why is doing this. I also made sure to put Google as my main search option. Is anyone else having this issue?

I had this issue a while ago and it was because I had some malware on my machine. I used CleanMyMac to detect and remove the malware and then I could use Google again.

Not sure why the malware wanted me to use Yahoo!…

John Siracusa mentioned this happening to someone he knew on the latest ATP episode. I think he reformatted the SSD on the affected computer then restored data without using Migration Assistant.

1 Run Malware bytes
2 Go into network settings and uncheck any Proxy settings

I do not have Malware bytes and how do go in the network to uncheck proxy?

Here is the direct link to download Malwarebytes. a search might lead you to a fake version.

System Preferences > Network > Select your network connection (WiFi / Ethernet).
Advanced > Proxies

Thank you, sorry so new to this, I was under the understanding that the Secure Web proxy and web proxy is something I had to check to prevent other people joining in my network without any passwords.

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Please note that there are some very persistent malwares around that keep changing the proxy settings to redirect your web traffic.

Getting rid of those is not easy. I removed them a number of times and its quite the expedition to remove all its roots from macOS.

I would be complacent if they made the OP use Bing or DuckDuckGo. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Redirect your search results for click$ and their preferred malicious websites sucking you into a deeper hole.

DuckDuckGo is malicious?

NO the OP was about redirected search results despite trying to use Google.

Ah, okay. I see now… :smile:

Just to give you an idea: “Ultimately, Yahoo may be a curtain that distracts victims from the monetization fraud going on in the background.”

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