Yearly Re-Watch: Steve Jobs introduces the iPhone

I watch this presentation every year before the new iPhone is announced.

Every. Single. Year.

It’s a fun way to remember how far iPhone has come since it’s introduction, and this is pinnacle-of-innovation Steve Jobs at his best. Can’t get enough of it!

Just click and watch, you know you want to!


The prank call to Starbucks always kills me.


I’m surprised that Apple doesn’t have an official high quality version of this presentation available. It seems to be all 3rd parties?

I think you’re right, though I’d love for Apple to make all past events available.

Someone needs to raid Siracusa’s video archive.

Or…maybe someone we know in Nashville probably also has them. Not mentioning any names @ismh .

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‎Apple Events (video): Macworld San Francisco 2007 Keynote Address on Apple Podcasts. Is this it?

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The Loop linked to this. Looks like Apple might be putting up interesting old keynotes in Apple podcast.

After renovating & expanding his Memphis studio, I don’t think he’s keen on relocating to Nashville :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah Nashville stinks


As much as I’d like to blame autocorrect for that one, I think it was just a miscommunication between my brain and fingers.

I apologize to everyone involved.

The Apple Events (Video) feed has the file… but it’s 640x352.

Which is… not great, Bob.

I enjoyed the previous keynote where Jobs introduced the Motorola phone that Apple worked on with that company. It was a joint effort. I was clear that he had no enthusiasm for the product.

You could tell that Apple had something else up its sleeve that was not yet ready.

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Which in retrospect is so UNLIKE Steve and Co. I don’t know all the details of them rolling out the Motorola device, but you are absolutely right, you could tell he was loathe to introduce it.

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This last keynote was one of the most disappointing. Steve showed a little emotion when led off keynotes. Tim does not seem capable of this. He is extremely scripted and always has been before and after COVID. Everybody in this keynote felt lifeless to me. Many seemed like professional actors with no real stake in anything reading scripts. Even if they have actual roles in the company, those roles did not always appear to be very important. And the flying around California was sort of over the top. What did that contribute? Everything was super polished and airbrushed.
Perhaps I am just sour because there was nothing presented in this keynote that happens to interest me.
I enjoyed the first of the virtual keynotes. It still felt to me as though I was watching real people. But it has evolved into this weird thing that almost feels like body snatchers giving the talks.