Yet another office setup - Barry

We recently moved, and my wife and I converted a bedroom to an office. There were a few ethernet jacks where the builder thought somebody might want a big TV, but the bedrooms had only cable tv outlets. With a couple of coax/ether adapters we now have gigabit internet in the office. The equipment on the tables should be familiar: 5K iMac, Drobo storage with a standalone drive for bootable backups, and a ScanSnap scanner. Behind the microphone arm is a thunderbolt hub and a dvd drive. A hidden switch and one of 3 Eeros (under the desk) completes the setup.
There are a couple of cable management boxes which hold most of the spaghetti wiring. The main table is a sit/stand desk; I never use it for standing, but I frequently change the height several inches between intense debugging sessions and more laid-back writing and screencasting sessions.


Maybe that eero should be on top of the desk or on that lateral file to the right. As of now it is doing an excellent job of blasting it’s WiFi signal into the bottom side of your desk.

Except for a printer about six feet behind me, all of our wifi devices are one floor below. I bought the Eeros when we lived in Santa Fe, which meant the wifi signals had to blast through adobe interior walls, so they do just fine here, wherever they are placed.

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