Yet another survey of note taking apps

This time, it’s Fast Company claiming to survey The Best Apps for Note Taking from Apple Notes to Notion.

A reasonable helicopter view, but some favourites will be missing (I don’t see Logseq) and opinions will differ

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Took a look, but as soon as the half screen video came up that would not go away I closed the window. I don’t read ad-riddled articles no matter how good they might be.


Agreed. Although the reader mode in Safari gets rid of it (at least on phone).


It is absolutely ridiculous that UpNote is not in the list.

It has been a rising star for 3 years and is now a top contender. I have tried all of the ones on the list and many more and I keep going back to UpNote.


I’m using 1Blocker both on iOS and macOS and didn’t get any ads.

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+1 for Reader Mode. I frequently run with it on for all websites.



Brave browser here. No ads whatsoever.


Same here. As I’ve written elsewhere, I don’t mind limited ads, but banner ads in my face that will not go away are an immediate no-go for me.


I slowly descend from Mount Complicated towards Apple Notes with DEVONthink for backup and archive. Thanks to @Bmosbacker‘s workflow. Although DT has its own complexity.

Just not sure whether I go to left or right :sweat_smile:.


Man, I get blamed for everything! :rofl: Welcome to the flat lands from the mount. :slightly_smiling_face:


At this point I’m just waiting for someone to publish a round up of all the best roundups of note-taking apps…


Ask ChatGPT. :slightly_smiling_face:

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“You won’t believe your eyes when you see which round-up of note taking apps this AI thinks is best!”


Use Brave Browser, uBlock Origin, or reader-view!

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I have started using Brave more. Reader View doesn’t always block popups.

To be specific I meant this Reader View: Reader View - Chrome Web Store

And, ublock origin is the best browser extension ever, blocks all popups, YT ads, and one can also remove specific parts of the UI with it. And, can also disable third-party access on websites, like I have Google Analytics disabled across the board.

Praised, not blamed :wink:. Although my backup still needs to be implemented and automated :blush:.

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Got it, thanks! I’ve added the extensions to Chrome, much appreciated.

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I’ve found the perfect note taking solution. It’s sticking to the app I’m already using that works for me, and ignoring everything else.

I’ve wasted so much time being lured away by trendy apps and YouTube channels. 80% of it is just nonsense, and fluff. Use what works, maybe occasionally check in on the market - but for the most part, ignore it. All of it.