You know how sometimes you buy something thinking "If I don't like it, I'll return it…"?

…today I returned eleven (11) items to Amazon.


They ranged from:

  • a $15 iPhone case for my wife’s iPhone mini 13 (bought 2, liked 1, returned the other)


  • a $1500 refurbished LG UltraFine monitor (which arrived with a 1-inch hairline crack in the screen)

Also included:

This is not a ‘competition’ that I want to win, and I do not suggest it. But 90% of the time I end up keeping those “If I don’t like it, I’ll return it…” items. This was a major exception.


Did you return them at your local Kohl’s? If so we’re 90% of the people in the store there for Amazon returns? That’s the way it was when I went.

What was wrong Beats Fit Pros fit?


We also got a damaged refurb monitor from Amazon once. One’s bad luck, two is a pattern…

Odds are good the returned items will end up here, or here, or in a market here.

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I used to have zero problems with Amazon’s Refurb stuff, but lately I have had 100% problems with it, to the point where I question whether or not it’s worth it to try a refurb’d item from Amazon Warehouse anymore.

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No, we have a local “UPS Store” which is where I always bring my returns.

The Beats Fit Pro fit just felt a little large and heavy to me, and the case was much larger than I expected.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with them, just that they didn’t feel right to me, especially for the price, especially when I already have AirPods Pro.

(I would like AirPods Pro in black, which I thought the Beats Fit Pro might basically be, but they were not, at least for me.)

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That’s a serious bummer having to return the UltraFine!

It worked out well, actually. The refurbished One is actually selling for MORE than the list price, presumably because the new one is out of stock everywhere.

Once I setup the return I setup a restock notification at LG’s website and bought it new … from Amazon, where it was also temporarily listed as being in stock, and I can take 18 months to pay it off.

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Ohh, I have been looking for a new one but haven’t been able to find one. Their notifiy button will tell you when it’s available anywhere?

Edit: Not that it matters, the “notify me” button on their site isn’t working for me (on 3 different browsers).

90% of the time I end up keeping those “If I don’t like it, I’ll return it…” items.

Glad to hear it’s not just me who has difficulty returning unwanted items. It’s one of the reasons I don’t do “try before you buy” often.

The “Notify” me button worked for me in Safari on the iPad just now. Maybe check to make sure you don’t have some kind of filter or ad-blocker that might be preventing it from appearing?

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Thanks for trying, but I am not sure what the deal is. Tried it on different devices and different browsers (without adblockers). I can enter my email and hit submit but nothing happens.

Whelp, I decided to try AirPods Max based on a Black Friday sale, thinking, “Surely they can’t be that different/better than my existing headphones, but I’ll give them a try, and then probably return them.”


They may have to be my birthday present (it’s only a little early for March 28th) but I’m not giving these up.

  • I love the sound. The support for spatial audio is a nice bonus, too.

  • I love the physical controls for Noise Canceling and Volume.

  • They aren’t as heavy as many reviewers made them out to be.

  • Yes, the “case” is silly, but I don’t plan to bring these places (I have AirPods Pro for that), so it’s a minor nit.


I purchased myself a Realforce R2 PFU Topre Keyboard from Amazon over the weekend with the provision that I’d return it if I didn’t like it. I’d heard that Topre was like the ultimate in keyboard switches and was likely to be the end game of keyboard purchases.

I’m trying it out at the minute and I’m not so sure.

It’s a nice keyboard - if I’ve got my mechanical, I will use a Blue (Gateron currently, as that’s in my Keychron), so the silence from this one if quite nice. However, I might have to use it a bit longer to see how I get on.

Am I sure it’s worth £260? No - and that’s potentially why it’ll go back!

Same here! Found a good deal at Costco. Didn’t think i was going to keep them…but, here I am :sweat_smile: