You might already have a decent lavaliere (earaliere?) mic

I did a presentation yesterday and the AV setup was lacking.
Then there were the technicalities of presenting to the room, and presenting virtually using BlueJeans.
After several iterations of trying different combinations, I finally realized I could just use one of my EarPods connected via Bluetooth to my laptop as a mic for the virtual side of things.
It worked well, and allowed me to move around, rather than being constrained near my laptop.

Folks may already be doing this, but it took me a bit to work it out, so maybe this will save you some time and/or money.


I’m a bit uncomfortable with EarPods or the like. I bought a BT headset a year or so before the pandemic, mostly because I jumped around the class room far too much to make the Panopto recordings anything but garbled. The ability to move around a room yet remain coherent on video presentations cannot be understated. Add to this also that, on video calls, the quality of voices from folks who use a headset or a lavaliere mic is noticeably better than those who use their built-in mics.


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For what it’s worth, for my online courses, I did a survey of my students, who preferred me using my 2013 iMac’s microphone instead of either AirPods or even the Yeti Nano I bought for this person (I think the 2016 MacBook wins, too).
I do use AirPods when I connect for meetings via the iPhone, however