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I saw a short article in Time magazine about a search engine called that purports not to track and has a novel summarisation of results. Has anyone tried it?

Any other search without being tracked suggestions? I keep getting emails from Ghostery and there’s Duck Duck Go, of course.

I’m running Whoogle on an always free Oracle cloud instance. (Trying out Searx at the moment)

works very well for me.

Might want to review their Privacy Policy. There are several areas I’m not comfortable with personally.

I use and has delivered good search results. #imo


I never thought that “always free” and “Oracle” could ever happen in the same sentence. Oh what times are these!


it’s absolutely awesome, a 4 core VPS with 24Gb of memory and 200Gb drive space, free forever (or until they pull the plug)

It runs all my external stuff atm (Whoogle, Mealie, Nextcloud agenda/tasks, gitea)
I access it through a Cloudflare tunnel or a tailscale pipe, so it;s fairly secure as well

I wouldn’t be either. Richard Socher, you’s founder says “We’ll never be as bad as Google. We’ll never sell your data.” Google doesn’t sell user data, it sells target ads based on its first party data. Just like Apple is planning to do. If Google sold user data then other companies would use that info to undercut their advertising business.

Currently Google, Bing, and Yahoo together have 96% of search marketshare which makes me wonder how all these other search engines are going to make money?

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Kagi’s another:

I stopped using it when I realized that many of my searches are for local info (e.g., “when does the grocery store close?” → grocery store hours), and Google alternatives are not great at that yet.

Side note: I originally thought this thread would be about this totally unrelated but very cool project:

Edit: no preview, so here’s the opening paragraph:

Monocle is a full text search engine indexed on my personal data, like my blog posts and essays, nearly a decade of journal entries, notes, contacts, Tweets, and hopefully more in the future, like emails and web browsing history. It lets me query this entire dataset to look for anything I’ve seen or written about before, and acts as a true “extended memory” for my entire life.


I’ve found myself using Maps/Siri for that lately. And not really intentionally. Google’s experience looking up real-time local information is better.

Kagi, I’ve accidentally stopped using, which I feel bad about. I think their filter sets/modes have a lot of value once set up.

I wouldn’t switch to You from DDG with what I currently know, but I’d like to learn more about it.

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another option:


Sounds interesting. I’m checking it out. Did you manage to try it?

No, far as I can tell it’s not really designed for use by others. It’s more “concept tech.”

From the GitHub repository:

:warning: Note: If you’re reading this section to try to set up and run your own Monocle instance, I applaud your audacity, but it might not be super easy or fruitful – Monocle’s modules are pretty specific not only to my data sources, but also the way I structure those files. I won’t stop you from trying to build your own search index, but be warned: it might not work, and I’m probably not going to do tech support. For this reason, this section is also written in first-person, mostly for my future reference.

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