Your Drafts workflows/use cases...inspire me

Drafts is one of those apps that I know I’m seriously under using - how is it helping you?

And isn’t here a past show that covers it in any depth?


This isn’t an episode of MPU, but on the last episode of Automators we covered Drafts in depth!


Brillint - thank you

Just listened to the Drafts Automator podcast—great podcast. I have a question, does Drafts allow you get a URL callback to a specific note that I can embed in other applications that when clicked will return me to the Drafts note? This is something I’d used a lot but I have no idea if it is possible or how to download an action that will enable this. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks.

There’s an action here:

Or, as is also suggested there you can do this without an action: “There is a UI route to this as well: Information button > DRAFT > Copy link to Draft”. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I actually had clicked on that several hours ago but for some reason didn’t realize that the paper clip was a URL callback. I thought perhaps it was to create a link. My bad but thanks for the information. :thinking: