Your fans running the whole time...clean your Mac!

My MBP was running hot, so it was obvious some cleaning needed to be done. And no, not cleaning apps or staring at the activity monitor, a real cleaning…

And Apple…why don’t you use standard Torx screws?

Tools needed:

  • Pentalobe screwdriver
  • a can of compressed air
  • tissue/rag
  • pro tip: use Loctite blue when reattaching the screws

That really is the worst I’ve ever seen.

Sounds reasonable enough that a good spring cleaning would solve the “forever spinning fan” problem.

I do, however, have a question related to cleaning your MacBook:
Where can I get my hands on tools to disassemble / assemble my MacBook Air?

Okay, seems like I’ll soon be doing a bit of mid-year cleaning myself then :grin:

I have a recurring task set up in Things to remind me to clean my late 2013 Mac Pro. Every two months I pull off the shell and blow off the dust that accumulates inside with a bulb blower I bought to clean camera equipment. Also because I have a feline office mate, cat fur accumulates on the bottom of the unit at its fan intake vents. After a good clean iStat Menus reports noticeably lower operating temps.

What is loctite blue?

A thread-locking fluid (“Schraubensicherungslack”). When disassembling devices, you often notice blue “stuff” on the screws. That’s Loctite. It allows you to secure screws without overtightening (and stripping/damaging screw heads).

Thanks, didn’t know that this exists:). Guess I’m tinkerer level -1, haha!

Some screws Apple uses are already treated. I wouldn’t add it to any screws that don’t come with it applied.