Your fav HomeKit devices under say $75?

What do you have that you like?! :slight_smile:

At the moment I’ve got An EcoBee3 thermostat and a few Wemo switches.

My “network” of Hue bulbs is very reliable.

The Ecobee3 – not so much. It sits 8 feet in front of the nearest Eero and yet at least daily disconnects itself from the network. Go figure.

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I have various Hue bulbs and accessories that work well.

  • Ambience that can range from cold white to warm white
  • Spotlights for front and back yards
  • Plain white bulbs
  • Motion sensors to automate some lights
  • Light strips under our kitchen cabinets to illuminate the counters
  • These VOCOlinc strip lights work well. I have one installed along the baseboard of our stairs, and have one of the motion sensors turn them on, 1% at night, 50% during the day.

For the record, my Ecobee works fine.


How does the EcoBee compare to the Nest, feature-wise? I have a Nest but I’d prefer to get away from Google, and my wife has trouble using the Nest.

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Not sure yet, I’ve only had the EcoBee 2 days. But seems pretty solid so far?

I’ve got the 3, there are a couple newer ones:

Just checked, I have the 4, which works fine. You might be able to get a deal through your power company. Mine offered $100 off, I think it was.

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Do you have your Eero connected to HomeKit? I have two Ecobee’s and after I updated my Linksys to support HomeKit I started having issues with my Ecobee’s too. I had to change the settings and give the Ecobee’s more permissions for them to work correctly. I agent had a problem since.


Under WiFi Network and Routers I had to change my Ecobee’s setting to “No Restrictions”. When set to “Auto” my basement thermostat would loose connection to the network.

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My Lutron Caseta. Have been bulletproof in two homes now.

I shy away from smart bulbs now if I can place the control elsewhere. This
gives me a wide variety of dimmable bulbs to choose from.


And a lot of energy companies offer a partial rebate on them.