Your Go To Keyboard Shortcuts

I regularly remap certain keyboard shortcuts in System Preferences → Keyboard → Shortcuts → App Shortcuts so that I have consistency across apps. For example:

  • I try to make it so that ⌘L makes a bulleted list no matter what app I’m in (I got this from a screenshot I once saw @Kourosh share – it’s so handy)
  • ⌘⇧V pastes as plain text in every app I’m able
  • I also try to make it so that ⌘K assumes I’m trying to link something

Are there go to commands you try to make universal across your apps? What are they?


Do you have that Cmd-L working for Tinderbox 8??

Of course I do!

⌘P is the standard Apple shortcut for Print.

I have Save PDF to DEVONthink 3 as a destination in the Print > PDF submenu.

So, putting these together, in App Shortcuts I defined a global All Applications shortcut for Save PDF to DEVONthink 3 to also be ⌘P. Now in Safari – or wherever – if I want to add the content to DEVONthink I press ⌘P twice – once to open Print then again to print the content to PDF and cause DEVONthink to open its group selector to choose the destination.


This one is a life-saver.


I appreciate that many keyboard shortcuts/commands from EMACS are still around ⌃A go to start of line ⌃E go to end of line and ⌃ P N B F instead of the arrow keys, and others.


:eyes: This changes everything.

That is a serious understatement.

I have command + Shift + C bound to insert comments in almost all my writing apps where commenting is available (e.g., word, pages, Ulysses).

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CMD + < to zoom out
CMD + > to zoom in
CMD + [ move object backward
CMD + ] move object forward
CMD + shift + [ move object to back
CMD + shift + ] move object to front
CMD + shift + m gather all app windows

Zoom in/out i use constantly, with graphics apps but also text based apps such as Pages, Safari, xcode etc.


Another thing I do is to check the “Use keyboard navigation to move focus between controls” option so that I can tab through buttons on pop-up dialogue boxes.

I always have to remember to do this when I get a new computer and I always forget where it is because I set it so infrequently.

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So Many! Without getting into Keyboard Maestro et al, how about:

⌘, for settings within an app and ⌥⌘, for system settings?


Ooo, so ⌥⌘, pulls up “System Preferences”? Great idea!

Oh my bad. Preferences/System Preferences, not Settings.

I use those shortcuts too, much more convenient than arrow keys.

Related to topic title, this is one of my favorite shortcuts.
Following the default keybindings of nvALT, I added these two shortcuts for DEVONthink:

Go->Next Document        : ⌘J
Go->Previous Document    : ⌘K

Trackpad’s pretty great for zooming.

Not always, keyboard zoom gives you defined zoom steps and without panning. So zoom a few times in and then a few times out and one is back exactly where one started. Important when dealing with e.g. (electronic) schematics, large drawings or just keeping to OCD rules :slight_smile: