Your Go-To Project/Team Management Tool

We’re a Basecamp shop here at Hope College (I love it so much I wrote a book about it). What do you use?

I run my own dental practice and we use Trello for team collaboration. It just clicked instantly with my team with its clear presentation and ease of use.


I use Asana when collaborating with contractors (e.g. web developers and graphic designers). I find that it works very well and virtually replaces email conversations. They have a very capable free tier that can be used for teams of up to 15 people.

Trello is great as well. It’s very visual and it’s easy to learn the basics…yet it still has plenty of power under the hood, especially when combined with Power-Ups.

I’m also very familiar with Basecamp. I’m a director for an annual yoga retreat and we currently use Basecamp to manage this project. I find that it’s quite easy for people to learn. What’s missing for me is boards (like those found in Asana and Trello) and more in-depth task management.


I use Liquid Planner for most business projects and Trello or Asana for volunteer projects.

The Sweet Setup had a nice post on Basecamp today:

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They featured my book about Basecamp in their weekly newsletter, too!