Your network preferences prevent content from loading privately

I have an iMac and MPB sitting on my desk on the same wifi network. I have Mail configured the same way on both (for the most part) – specifically the Privacy tab is identical. On the iMac downloads are displayed automatically on the MPB I get the message in the title above. Something must be different on the two systems but I am not sure where to look at this point. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Any help here?

How to Fix the Mail App “Your Network Settings Prevent Content From Loading Privately” Error

Not really. All of the articles that I can find tell you how to turn off IP address privacy. But I don’t want to turn it off – i like it. I just can’t figure out why it is working on one system and not the other.

The problem could be triggered by something different between the two Mac’s network settings. Have you checked that?

Also, you might try resetting network settings. The Mac may be showing the right settings but not actually applying them.

Are you using the same protocol to connect to the mail server on both Macs for all accounts?

I can believe that there is a different network setting, somewhere. The problem is “where”. I doubt that there is a problem with settings being unapplied. These are two stable systems that don’t change much. And yes, both systems are using Apple Mail to talk to my Fastmail (IMAP) account.