Your process for cloud storage

Hey all, I apologize if this may have been handled in the past. I was curious what people do when forced to use disparate cloud options? That is, I have kinda landed on Sync for my cloud storage (Canadian servers, impeccable encryption, good uptimes, etc), so this is where I store my files.

BUT, things like Office 365 want to store in One Drive for full benefits. Pages wants to use iCould for their reasons. It makes it difficult when one has a project on the go that contains relevant PDF files or videos, but there’s also related Excel files or Pages documents. The project files end up scattered across multiple cloud solutions.

Is that just the way it is, or has anyone found an elegant way to solve this?

Thank you as always to this lovely group of helpful people. :slight_smile:

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I sync everything to my local computer so I frequently let apps sync to iCloud or One Drive, etc. then have Hazel move the files to Google Drive. Sometimes this is my only option when working on my iPP depending on what is offered on the iOS Share Sheet.

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  • iCloud (Photos, app data and iCloud settings sync),
  • Dropbox (personal files management, Devonthink, Hazel and Keyboard Maestro settings),
  • OneDrive (work file management and co-operation)
  • Synology NAS with Cloudsync for synced backup with iCloud, Dropbox and OneDrive accounts (local copy)
  • Synology NAS for media (Plex) and photo libraries (local copy)
  • Synology Drive for personal cloud (access from everywhere as well as sync between various computers
  • Vox Music Cloud for HighRes Music. Also ideal for access and streaming on the road
  • 1Password for passwords, secrets and confidential docs management
  • Backblaze for computer backups
  • Synology NAS and Backblaze B2 for various archives

The Documents app from Readdle might help here. You can set up connections to multiple providers, then access them from Documents.
An under-appreciated app, in my opinion.

Other than that, I’ve used SyncThing to copy things around from different proprietary folders (and I hate when you can’t name the folders what you want, or put them where you want, like iCloud, etc.)


I’ve looked at Documents. How is it better / different than the Files app and the native file picker? I feel like I can add multiple sources there as well.

Thank you for sharing your setup. :slight_smile: That seems pretty complete, and it suggests that there isn’t really a setup that’s one size fits all. I was more asking about the idea that if I have a project on the go, and that project contains all kinds of different files (or more accurately, contains files that are managed in the cloud differently per application), how do I neatly keep them all corralled? Time was where a single folder on your drive housed all the information about a given project, which made it easier to find.

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Interesting. I hadn’t thought of using Hazel. I suppose it may be possible to simply have Hazel make a copy of the files in any given folder each time they change on the cloud platform in question, just so I can have a backup that’s in one place. Hmm…

I still do it that way. At work we use Google Drive, so even Office files goes into the folder for that project. I don’t know or care what features are unlocked by OneDrive, can’t be that important.

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You can possibly use Tags or maybe Hook app to collect disparate items.

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Depending on the kind of project and who I collaborate with (different clients use different tools, people, platforms) we choose a home for each project and stick to it.

If we work in Teams this will be in OneDrive most of the time, if we work in Slack it will likely be Dropbox.

I have no projects that have files scattered over different cloud solutions. Even with Adobe files (which have the Creative Cloud option), I will use whatever is the designated cloud location chosen for the project.

My personal file management is all in Dropbox.