Youtube Premium Canada, tax?

Hi, I’m wondering if any of you know if Youtube Canada is charging tax with it’s premium subscription. It’s 17.99/month for a family plan, which is already steep and if I have to add 15% (I’m in Quebec) it would be even worst. Just wondering.
Any of you have tried it? This the other thing, I can’t try it in Quebec, we can’t get a trial here, which totally sucks and I have NO idea why we can’t get it.


I can’t speak to Canada, but here in Australia the Tax was included.

You should be able to cancel after the first month if it’s not what you were expecting.

thanks Ben

And how do you like it yourself?

I find it fine, I was grandfathers in from YouTube red. It depends on how you use YouTube. I listened to a fair amount of YouTube and often have friends over and we watch a fair amount when we get together.

So for me the main benefit is in being able to play content without the screen on, on mobile and being Ad free.

For a very long time I was fine with the YouTube advertising model, but after YouTube red came out I found that the platform started becoming almost hostile with ads. There were a lot more ad’s everywhere, of a lower quality and highly repetitive.

I value not only my time but my cognitive load, soi made the decision to value those things higher then the slight cost they were asking, and I knew it would likely pay the creators I cared about more then they otherwise would since my ad viewing had an decrease in click through rates.

Google play music subscription was also a nice addition to.

Thanks again for your feedback Ben. I, like you, despise ads. I’ve been using a PVR for almost 10 years so I could skip them when using the regular TV and like you, it seems that youtube just pesters you with ads even for small videos so it’s getting annoying.