YouTube to Podcasts

What is you workflow for converting YouTube videos into a Podcast?

I used to use Castro Video to Audio ovnesion feature until I switched to Pocket Cast.

I currently use Huffduff Video bookmark and Huffduffer and subscribe to my won RSS.

Any other workflows?

Update: Found this YouTube to Pocket Cast shortcut.

Currently Mac-app-based: Downie, set to create both mp3 and mp4, with Hazel sweeping mp3s into Castro’s sideloads folder. Downie has been a nice break from the instability of the whole youtube-dl/yt-dlp situation. I used to use huffduffer and the converter a lot and would happily go back if my situation changed.

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I assume you are listening to podcasts that are not on a podcast app and are only on YouTube? I just lock my screen, and YouTube keeps playing in the background, but that may be the case because I use YouTube premium