YouTube TV + Apple TV 4 == bad picture?

Very frequently the image the YouTube TV app on Apple TV 4 is really bad and fuzzy – and it can take a minute to load a show. The ATV4 is connected by ethernet to a FiOS router with gigabit service on FiOS – which is fine on all other devices. I’ve rebooted all devices, uninstalled/installed YouTube TV, etc. Other streaming services (Acorn, Prime, Netflix) are just fine with perfect pictures.

Any suggestions?

I’ve found the same on the UK - BBC and the two streaming services I use : Amazon and Netflix are 1st class…other commercial services ITV just can’t keep up with demand. Due to server bandwidth and compression at their end I guess.

It is funny how everything plays out globally. I have no issues with YouTube and Amazon. I am located in Germany and I use Deutsche Telekom’s service (100 MBit down). During prime time I have been noticing problems intermittently for months with Netflix and sometimes with Apple (TV series).

YouTube and Amazon Prime Video did not suffer when I had the issues with Netflix and Apple.

I think that we experience these days how the big players push each other to their limits and everybody tries to get his share. It shows how important it is to really have net neutrality in place. Otherwise, it will not work in the long run, I think…

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I have read your post again. You wrote that you did not have issues with YouTube on other devices than your AppleTV. My bad. Then again, I have noticed similar behavior with Netflix: flawless picture on my iPhone, sometimes unusable on my AppleTV. Still, I think that neither the AppleTV nor the YouTube app are the culprit. I bet on issues with the route from YouTube to your AppleTV. Streaming video over the internet works just great except when it does not. It is a pain in the rear to troubleshoot and very often you never know what is actually going on.

Thanks. The ATV4 is connected directly to the FiOS fiber router – at that point the speed is 1 GB down. No roadblock there. I assume YoutTube TV has limited server capacity / buffering issues.

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I did not write it very well.

I agree. A second possibility is throttling at a backbone or at a service provider on the route from YouTube to your home. I do not trust those guys very much, to be honest. They try everything to make content providers to pay to get their service reliably to their customers. And we pay a second time. We really need net neutrality and regulations to safeguard it, I think.

A lot of people on Reddit have been complaining about how the YouTube app has gotten really laggy on iOS devices, too. (People are recommending using Safari there, especially since you can have Picture-In-Picture that way.)

True. My issue is YouTube TV (not mainstream YouTube) – for $40/month it should have excellent not crappy performance.

Maybe a move to Hulu TV is an alternative – but it doesn’t have the channel selection I want.