Yubico nano key reducing MacBook pro power backup time

I have a 2-month old 14" M1 MBP. I have a Yubico nano key plugged in all the time into one of the usb-c ports. I found that the mbp backup time is not as long as advertised. I thought the nano key may be the culprit as I see the LED from the nano key flashes every 30 seconds or so, even when the mbp lid is closed

Just wondering any others have the same experience. Also is there any way to disable the nano key when the lid is closed (by shortcut, KM, etc)

Seems to be a known problem for nearly a decade.
Random Redditor said Yubico suggested enabling hibernation. The commands below give more battery life, with maybe slower wake-up, from here.

In Terminal:

sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 25
sudo pmset -a standbydelay 15 

thanks @JohnAtl , appreciate the tip

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I use GitHub - pallotron/yubiswitch: OSX status bar application to enable/disable Yubikey Nano to only have my yubikey on when I need it. (Kept sending rogue slack messages :upside_down_face:)

thanks both, I have applied the GitHub app and what a difference that made. After one day light use, I still have 75% battery and previous it would have been down to 40% or so

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