YubiKey (with PIN) not working in Safari 16 on macOS Monterey 12.6

Recently I received a YubiKey 5Ci as a gift. Somehow I can’t use this YubiKey in Safari 16.0 on macOS Monterey 12.6. Both adding the key to an account and using it to log in currently fail. This may have started after I added a PIN code to the key. The key still works fine when using Firefox (currently 105.0.3) on the same Mac. It also works fine on my iPhone and iPad, so I don’t think this is a hardware issue.

Is this a known issue for Safari 16.0 on Monterey?

Ouch, this is embarrassing: “I was holding it wrong:wink:

Apparently, you need to touch your YubiKey again after entering the PIN…

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is your Yobikey this model, how is it different from standard 5Ci? I guess the standard version does not allow you to set up PIN?

No, I think I have the regular (non-FIPS) YubiKey 5Ci.