Yummly, Paprika or Somehing else? - what would you use?

I am trying to decide, Yummly or Paprika. Any suggestion which one I should use? Which one do you use and why?

Yummly: I can watch my recipes on my Apple TV, no cost for the service, apps for iPhone, iPad and webservice on my mac. Easy to add recipes

Paprika: No app for Apple TV, about $29 for the mac application, about $5 for the iOS app. Easy to add recipes. The application is translated into Swedish

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I use Paprika. It has a good recipe import mechanism. When cooking, I use an iPad on a stand that sits on my kitchen counter.

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I’m unfamiliar with either of those. I use an app called All Recipes a lot. It has recipes for almost anything you can think of provided by professional chefs as well as everyday cooks. Most of the recipes include videos. As people make the dishes, they rate them and make comments, many of which are helpful. This app allows you to save favorites to your own recipe box for easy retrieval. This is free and also has a full website.

Another source for my recipes Cooks Country and Cooks Illustrated. I actually began by subscribing to the print magazines. I then subscribed to the digital version because, as you point out, it’s nice to actually see the preparation steps. This actually has an annual fee.

I don’t know whether either of these is available in anything other than English. I hope this offers you some alternatives, though.

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I use Paprika and really like it. The multi-platform nature is a big sell for me. I tend to enter or clip recipes on my Mac, shop using the iPhone app, and cook with the iPad.

No experience with Yummly.


Paprika has worked well for me for years — love the app!

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I use Paprika and enjoy it. My use is pretty much identical to @ChrisUpchurch.

Paprika — recipe capture++ — Notes field useful for my changes — and more already noted

Learned about the app here.

Paprika for all the reasons others have stated. Also like the ability to export my recipe database as html so I can share recipes. I just point people to our web page and let them get what they want.

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Diehard Paprika user here for a long time. It’s my go-to app for meal planning (mostly on iPad, but sometimes on Mac), shopping (iPhone), and cooking (dedicated kitchen iPad). I love how easy it is to load recipes from practically any website, almost like magic … That being said, I spent a little time looking at Yummly and think it could be a good tool for finding new recipes. I’ve downloaded it and am giving it a shot a discovering new things to cook.

I use the notes app and have a folder for recipes…

I used to do the same with Evernote.

And for a few years they had a companion app that gave Evernote some of Paprika’s features.


I put some of my mother’s recipes in Paprika. Also using Paprika’s built-in browser and having it make neat “note cards” is a wow experience.

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I tried Paprika but decided that a specialty app for recipes was overkill for me.

Ended up sticking with DEVONThink. I categorize recipes into folders and can add notes, pictures or other stuff as required.

Another pat of my focus on eliminating as many special use apps as I can to focus on really effectively using a few good ones.

Love Paprika for all the reasons others have given. After I’ve found a recipe in Pinterest I can copy the web address and paste it in Paprika’s browser and get an instant readable recipe notecard with photo. Love it!

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True story pasting URLs is useful. Another way… In Paprika’s browser I go to Paprika’s page for more recipe sites.

Most of these sites use Paprika’s ability to grab the recipe, get rid of ads, and fomat the recipe as a web “notecard.”

Thank you very much for all your suggestions. I am going to stick with Paprika. The game changer for me, was this:

Neither Paprika or Yummly has a shiny button for Chrome browser. But this unoffical button solves it for me.
I use Paprika in my iPad to cook, in my iPhone to shop for food and in my mac to look for good recipes.
What I would like to see in Paprika is a Apple TV app (Yummly has a shiny app)

So easy with Paprika, the built in browser works perfectly when downloading recipes from any web page, Great

Which stand do you use, Joe?

I picked this one up a while ago and have been happy with it. The base is very grippy but comes up without leaving marks on a laminate counter.

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I had the OMTON and gave it to my mom. I replaced it with a similar-looking, yet less expensive model from PASONOMI which I use with my iPhone.

The one I use does not have a crossbar piece in the middle, which makes it better for me because I can have the Lightning cable charge from below without hitting anything.

I use to use Paprika, but now use recipe keeper. Very similar but I like the GUI better.