Zapier help please?

I’ve spent soooooo much time trying to solve my “add a task to a certain notebook in Evernote and automatically have a task created in Omnifocus with a link to the Evernote note” problem that I think I’m going crazy.

I’m going to break it down into smaller problems to see if that keeps me sane :slight_smile:

So - does anyone know how to have Zapier:

  1. Trigger when a note is added to Notebook (this step seems easy)
  2. Apply tag to the note that triggered Step 1

I can’t get the 2nd part to work - my gut tells me that it’s possible for the ID of the task that triggered step 1 to be passed to step 2 to identify the note ot modify, but I can’t for the life of me work out how.

If I can work this bit out (or rather have someone help me do so!) then I think I have the core of a solution I can then play with Shortcuts to feed in to.

Thanks in advance for any help

Still can’t get it working. I’ve sent a rambling plea to Zapier support to see if they can offer any advice :slight_smile: )

I have no idea how to solve it but I did want to give a wave of solidarity! It’s so frustrating when something that should be so simple just doesn’t work.

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