Zencastr or Skype for Home Setup?

I spent the remainder of 2019 (last 2 weeks) setting up a plan to coordinate with potential hosts (actually committed friends) for future podcasts and topics in 2020.

Here’s what I am planning on so far. I need help with the home setup.

On the road setup
2 Person or more
Each person on an SM58 into a Zoom H6
Headphone Amp (everyone plugs in to listen)

Home Setup/Interview
Recording to MacBook Pro
SM58 into Focusrite Scarlett 8i6

*Will run a test this week to get audio from headphone out (via Skype) and add to channel 2 for Focusrite.


  1. Record each person to a separate track
  2. Bring in the incoming audio (skype) into the Focusrite on a separate channel
  3. Have the host/guest hear me

Debating if I should have gotten the 18i8 instead of the 8i6.

Most of my guests will not be tech-savvy with a few exceptions. To make my life easier, seriously thinking of sending them the ATR2100 so i don’t need to worry about what mics they might try to use. While some may view it as excessive (mic purchase), in the grand scheme, this will encourage them to record their own shows in the future and show them how easy it is and within budget.

I keep hearing about ZenCastr, it sounds like a better option than Skype? Thoughts?
Do I need another interface? (SoundDevice USB Pre 2)?

Take a look at Squadcast too. You can get a demo and a trial but they allegedly do a lot of things to make sure recordings aren’t lost.

A Samson Q2U from what I’ve heard is very comparable to the ATR2100 for a little less money. I use one and I’m happy with it.