Zettlr, a new zettelkasten, etc. editor for macOS, Windows, and Linux

Zettlr is a new, free app for writing with markdown.

Interesting features:

There are guides to use it as:

Introductory video

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I tried it last year and promptly trashed it. It’s a (typically huge) 170Mb Electron app, relatively slow, and when I tried it you couldn’t adjust fonts, and Preview didn’t work right.

O-M-G! 170 megabytes? Lol
MATLAB is nearly 10 gigabytes and is quite useful.
Looks like it has font options now.
To each their own. There’s certainly no obligation to use it because I posted about it.

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Painful date time stamps for titles…

@mikeschmitz this is a good thread about smart notes (maybe worth to cross post on bookworm?) :grinning:

And this one is a good read too :grinning:

The Notecard System: The Key For Remembering, Organizing And Using Everything You Read – RyanHoliday.net

Yes, there’s that.
I managed to work around it somewhat in The Archive by using titles and links like:

[[201809011624 Buccino 2004 Neural circuits involved in the recognition]]

I don’t know that datetime names are a requirement. I’d prefer [[Buccino2004]] since it has meaning and is similar to Latex \cite{} keys. I’ll look into it.

Zettlr doesn’t have any file naming requirements. Instead, the 14 digit ID is placed inside the files. Zettlr searches files within the selected folder for id numbers to allow linking.
It also allows changing the format of the id number. You could use, say, a four digit number. Zettlr would treat the first four digit number in the files as their id number. You could use a hyphenated number, or require that it started with ID:, etc.
It’s pretty cool.