Zoom in / out and Cursor Highlighting on Mac for Screen Recordings

Hello! I. was wondering what you guys use for zooming in and out for screen recordings and also for cursor highlighting. Thanks in advance!

I don’t do screen recordings any longer, but I have used a few different applications for presentations. Mouseposé used to be good, but I’m not sure it’s still being developed. I know others used Pro Mouse.

If I were doing it today, I’d probably use Presentify. Seems like it’s still being supported and it’s part of SetApp.

You can use Apple’s built-in tools for zooming in and out (Settings → Accessibility → Zoom). I found that worked more reliably than anything else. It took a while to figure out the best settings and to become fluent in zooming in and out.

And back when I used Screenflow for screen recording, I found I was better off using their built-in tools.