Zotero and Google Drive (or any cloud storage, really)

A couple of weeks ago there was some discussion of reference managers, and I indicated I was considering moving back to Zotero, if I could figure out a way to set up a good workflow for reading articles stored in Zotero on my iPad.

I finally had a chance to spend some time finding and testing a solution today. This post by Tom Saunders offers a solution that seems to work beautifully.

Oddly enough, after I said that ZotFile never suited me, the solution involves . . . ZotFile. Either ZotFile has changed significantly in the years since I’d last tried it or I didn’t fully understand it before. (I was manually sending PDFS to the iPad for markup — which apparently you can still do — but then I’d have to remember to send it back.)

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@acavender For me, Luna display has been the missing link between Zotero and my iPad as it cuts out the need for syncing with ZotFile. It’s also nice to leave Zotero open on iPad, using Luna, while writing. :slight_smile: Have you found a solution?

Tom Saunders’ solution (linked in the previous post) was working quite well for getting Zotero-affiliated PDFs into Google Drive.

I still couldn’t cite my sources on the iPad, though, at least not easily. Just last week I finally made the switch to Bookends, which has an iOS version that works really well.

Zotero’s fantastic software. (I don’t know exactly how long I used it, but I remember being aware of it before it was actually released, so I’m sure I pounced on or shortly after the original release date.) But without a convenient mobile solution, it just wasn’t working well for me anymore.

Gotcha. Thanks for the update. My Luna trick, plainly, isn’t the answer. :slight_smile: Glad to know of the resources linked above. Cheers.

FYI :slight_smile: Apparently, Zotero is working on an IOS app.

Also PDF expert is great to sync between Ipad and Mac (Zotero database).

How is it going with Bookends?

Zotero App is in the beta now