10 tools I'm using to get things done in 2023

  • Calendar: Apple Calendar and Jibun Techo Biz mini B6 Slim paper planner
  • Email: switched from Spark (loved it before the transition) and from practically everything else to Apple Mail
  • Task management: Apple Reminders
  • Notes: Keep It from practically everything else.
  • Asset management: good ol’ Finder from EagleFiler, DT3Pro
  • Passwords: Apple Keychain and stock integrated password manager fulfill all my needs
  • Text automation: nothing
  • Tools: Tembo, PCalc, Visioneer Scan
  • Accounting: Corona

Curious to why you use both Yoink and Dropover.

Great thread!

Here’s my list:

  1. Email: MailMate - This is a powerhouse app that is highly customizable and I love the correspondence view. It shows all the previous emails from that sender when an email is selected. We can quickly select them all/most and delete etc. Makes it very quick to breeze through tons of email. I use this to manage 17 email accounts.
  2. Launcher: Alfred and LaunchBar - Switched from Raycast back to Alfred because Alfred is quicker + it retains the last search/command. In Raycast, I had to press ↑. LaunchBar is secondary and I use it only for its Instant Send feature. Amazes me how not many know what/how awesome it is.
  3. Task management: Reminders for shopping list (shared with wife + I use Siri in phone and watch to add stuff) and Things for everything else.
  4. Notes: Anybox for quick notes and Notion for longish notes/docs. Exploring Craft atm. Also discovered Logseq thanks to this topic. Will be trying it out in the coming weeks.
  5. Passwords: 1Password.
  6. Text expansion: Typinator.
  7. Clipboard manager: Paste.
  8. Storage: iCloud Drive - “There is no spoon!”
  9. Bookmark manager: Switched from Raindrop to Anybox. Anybox doesn’t have all the bells & whistles of Raindrop but it’s nimble and I like the developer’s philosophy of “Easy In” and “Easy Out”. I am absolutely loving this app. Using this to store snippets of text from webpages or other places, to write quick notes (via Alfred), to store images and other files with appropriate tags, for bookmarks of course. It can replace several apps and their website does a poor job of marketing it imo.
    10: Last but not the least: Bartender, BetterTouchTool, CleanShot X, Core Shell, Dash, Default Folder X, Downie, Droplr, Folx, Gestimer, HazeOver, Hookmark, Keyboard Maestro, KomodoDecks, Path Finder, PixelSnap, PopClip, Sip, Soulver, Trickster, Yoink.

First I used Yoink, but later on I find out about Dropover. Yoink I only use as a quick shelf for moving files.

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I’ve used Yoink for years as well. Jumped into Dropover a couple of years ago but rarely used it but its steady updates coupled with the fact that I don’t leverage the iOS Yoink apps led me to trying deleting Yoink and simply going with Dropover and I haven’t missed a beat.

At first glance, Dropover reminds me of the old DragonDrop Mac app. Whatever happened to that one? I always keep two Finder windows open to make finding a target for my file drag operations easier, but Dropover looks worthy of a tryout!

I’ve never used LaunchBar, so I have no experience with Instant Send. But you may want to look at Alfred’s Universal Actions.


I think what sold me on Dropover was the Actions, Cloud flexibility if I need it and the potential of Quick Actions. I’ll eventually get around to linking it to Alfred as well.

I recently wrote my own post on this topic. Ten, plus some bonuses.

Thanks for this, instant purchase!

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I don’t see why you couldn’t store all of your photos in Eagle. There is a month long trial so if you are interested at all, check that out. There’s a great set of getting started videos and it has proven to be very useful to me in the past 10 days. I will be purchasing it before my trial ends. I like it VERY much. https://eagle.cool


Eagle has really helped me cleanup the fragments of images, documents, videos and more. I love how I don’t have to worry about unique names. How I can have folders auto-tag the content as soon as I drop it in. The ability to quickly filter content is what many of us wanted in the finder but presumably Apples desire to keep things simple hampers the functionality

Eagle is working on a plug-in format for version 4 and this should really open it up nicely. I find myself wanting to compress some files into different formats and dimensions without having to redo metadata and I hope this becomes a reality.

I put the watch folders in iCloud. This way I can drop files into the desired library from any of my devices.

I’m more likely I save web content because Batch saving is easy and the web url is automatically captured so I know where I pulled the file from. Has saved my butt on a few occasions.

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In your opinion, do you think Eagle would be good to use as a photo management system? Could one use it for digital asset management (not for editing photos) like Apple Photos, Google Photos, Lightroom, etc?

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New update just now…

Now that the cut-off of Tweetbot and all 3rd party tools has made Twitter virtually unusable, I forced myself to spend 5 minutes and install/use NetNewsWire for RSS.

I regret having waited so long to jump on the RSS reader bandwagon.

I have a good number of Twitter accounts for companies and industry associations info that hasn’t made the jump to Mastadon. Scanning the RSS feed is so much easier and much more efficient.

Picking up some blogs as RSS feeds that I stopped reading ages ago because of time is a nice side benefit of using RSS again.


After using eagle for a while, I’ve decided that while it does a solid job managing photos when I start to teach my son how to use a DSLR, I think we’re going to go with your more typical light room, capture, one type of app.

Eagle feels to me like your own personal Pinterest, a great mood board for inspiration

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That’s what I was wondering. Thank you.

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Thanks for mentioning this. Yes, am aware. It’s just that LaunchBar’s instant send needs fewer steps to do the same.

That said, I am forcing myself to use Alfred for everything incl. sending the selected file/folder/text to Alfred or its “Open with…” and it’s not bad.

just throwing this in here since it seemed better than a new thread…

I’m constantly calculating the exchange rate between the Mexican peso and US dollars. No matter how long I live in Mexico, my brain still thinks in dollars and I guess that’s not going to change. This is especially true since the peso finally floated away from 20 pesos/dollar, which made calculating it in my head a lot easier.

Any way, on my phone I have an app, but on my laptop I always Googled ‘1154 mxn usd’ and the first result is always a highlighted answer/calculator. But I just found an extension for Raycast and now I just Cmd+space and type ‘1154 mxn’ and it shows me the exchange rate to dollars. Setup for the extension was under 5 minutes. Woot!

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Spotlight does the exact same thing.


I just bought Hazel which I use to have only I don’t remember how to use it. I mean, I know it is intuitive but it is not processing my rules.