11" v 12.9" your thoughts?


I’m selling my 10.5" iPad Pro and buying a new iPad Pro but I’m stumped.

I’ve owned both 1st gens of the 10.5 and 12.9 iPad Pros and loved the 10.5 portability far more than I loved the big screen of the 12.9. However now the lines are blurred. The 10.5 is a little bigger and the 12.9 is a little lighter. My daughter has the new 12.9 and I love it! It’s a little lighter and smaller than the lunch try that was the previous version. I’ve played with the 11" iPad Pro and it’s super light and tiny.

Here are my question:
1.Has anyone returned one to buy another? Why?
2. If you had the previous 12.9" how does the new iPad compare to the old one in weight/portability?
I’m not asking which do you think is right for me…because…how could you? I’m just asking your take knowing that YMMV so any other comments welcomed!

I’m leaning towards the 11" for the portability and price BUT I’m leaning toward the 12.9 for the full sized keyboard and big screen. My wife is pushing me toward the 12.9 so I don’t hate myself later.

Thanks in advance!


I owned the 1st generation 12.9” an replaced with the new 12.9”. I find it a considerable upgrade when it comes to portability.


I owned the original 12.9 then the 10.5 and then upgraded to the new 12.9. I use it for 98% of my work. It is a great screen size and is considerably more manageable than the original 12.9. I also do a lot of presentations using the iPad for my speaking notes. It is a little big for this purpose but manageable. If you will be doing the majority of your work by typing or working with it in your lap, I highly recommend the 12.9. If you will be holding it a lot for speaking on a stage, etc., the 11” may be better for you.


I teach from my iPad using keynote and an Apple TV but the bulk of the work on it will be done out of the office. I have a 2017 iMac I’m using in the office now but all of my drawing and all of my work on the road will be done on the iPad. I don’t see too many times that I’ll be using it on my lap and I don’t lecture with it in my hands.


Based on what you described, I personally believe the 12.9 would be a great option for you. That extra screen real estate makes a big difference. Like I said above, the only drawback I would see is if you were holding it in your hands for the purpose of giving lectures or presentations and having notes on the iPad.


I love my 11” even though I’ve used an 12.9” before
The 11” is just that little bit more portable and useable in day to day work.

I like the 12.9” (really do!), but for travel, work and meetings the 11” is my go to device


I bought the 12.9” after handling both in an Apple Store. Zero regrets size/weight-wise except that with the folio on, it’s a little too heavy to hold up in portrait while standing. Similarly to laptops I think your body size is a big factor; I’m tall and a 15” laptop is the equivalent of a 13” for others; likewise, the 12.9” to me is effectively an 11” for someone with shorter arms and smaller hands.

And that’s assuming you hold it and walk around. If you mostly sit with your ipad or use it on a stand, you want the 12.9”, in my opinion.


I want to use this opportunity to officially raise my objection to the use of the term ”lunch tray” as a negative quality of the original 12.9. I seriously can’t count the times I have used it to carry my fresh cup of coffee, a snack of some sort, my iPhone and various other items in need of relocation. It’s called convergence, and it is core to Apple’s success.

Also, you should face the fact that your wife is right. Again. Get the 12.9.



I went from the 10.5” to the 11” and love it. The iPad does not currently come close to being able to replace (an even far less powerful) computer for me, so when I travel, I have to take my 12” MacBook with me as well. Since I have to carry two devices (or leave the iPad behind), I chose the smaller one.

If I could use an iPad for everything, then I’d probably have opted for the 12.0”


12.9" iPad if you often use 2 apps in split view mode. 11" if you rarely use split view mode. — I have the latest 12.9" iPad but I am finding I don’t use split view as much as I thought I would. My next iPad will be an 11" if my usage does not change over the next year.


It’s funny, when I had my 12.9 I used split view all the time but I NEVER use it on my 10.5. I think it’s a mental thing about screen size being smaller.


I still think the 12.9 is huge. I had an old one a while ago and went with the 10.5 on the last model. Stuck with the 11. For my uses it is perfect and I wouldn’t want the bigger one. Split screen is not as great. But I get way better portability, lower profile for planes, easier reading in bed, etc.


True. I’m 6’5’, and I feel similarly about the 12.9”


I must be the runt of the group at 5’9”. :rofl:


I owned both 12,9 as well as a 9,7 and the new one makes a world of difference. The old one was not really portable (well, it was as much as a MacBook) but the new form factor really works IMO. Sure, it’s still big, and when I hold the 11’ I kinda long for the smaller form factor, but the ability to run two iPad apps side by side is the killer feature for me and, hey, it works being held even for longer periods (which was not the case with the old 12,9). To me that trade-off is worth the bigger size and the comfort when taking handwritten notes. Also having a full-sized keyboard is a big plus. I hated the small 9,7 smart keyboard. I think the additional bulk is well, well worth what you gain in comfort and keyboard size.


This is precisely where I landed as well and for the same reasons.


I have a 10-5”, so don’t really have a dog in this hunt. I did want to point out that the new 12.9” is the size of a sheet of (US) paper. That has a lot of implications in that it is a familiar size and form factor, and is similar to other objects in the home and office.


I initially bought the 12.9” during the keynote. I loved it but thought the 11” might be easier to carry out each day. So I ordered the 11” with the intention of returning the 12.9”. I tried to make myself dislike the 12.9” but I just couldn’t.
I’m keeping both as I like having the option depending on what I need to do. I use the iPad a LOT for work and leasure.


Oh man. I need you to talk to my wife about letting me do that!


Ditto. Loved the old 12.9. Love the new one which feels smaller. If there were a 15” iPad, I’d consonsider buying it.