11" v 12.9" your thoughts?


Good luck. I’m the last person you’d want to do that, lol. :eyes:


Well, my history shows I have a problem with selling and upgrading iPads :sweat_smile:

  • Bought the original 9.7” iPad Pro
  • Sold and upgraded to the 12.9” iPad Pro because frankly it was too bulk and I missed the portability and using the smaller one on the couch in my hands
  • Sold and upgraded to the new 10.5” iPad Pro. This one was just about perfect but I slowly realized I didn’t use split screen as much and would bring out my MacBook for tasks that needed multiple windows. I really enjoyed it and it was a good size but I wasn’t getting enough out of it. I’m a student and do a lot of research on my iPad in split screen and it always felt slightly cramped.
  • Sold and upgraded to the new 12.9” iPad Pro - This has hit the sweet spot for me. The lightness and thinness of the new 12.9” has made holding it by itself a lot better. I’ve found I use this iPad so much more with the bigger screen for all sorts of tasks. Personally, I work in split screen 75% of the time so the extra real estate is really helpful. I do a lot of work, school, and personal stuff on the iPad more. Since getting the 12.9” this has been the most I’ve used my iPad because I just enjoy it so much more. Now, part of that is adjusting to iOS and realizing there are different ways to do the same thing that I could on my MacBook. Additionally, adding several Siri Shortcuts for everyday tasks that I would do on my computer is actually easier to do on my iPad now.

I wrote some initial impressions when I first bought it and I wouldn’t really change any of my thinking from those. But then again I also wrote about the 10.5” being the ideal size for an iPad, which I would actually retract now and say that if you are using it for more work the 12.9” is idea for my case. I’m sure the 11” is great for many people but the extra screen size just does it in for me with the lighter weight and thinner nature of the iPad. I don’t mind holding it in my hands when lounging on the couch any more and marking up documents or reading/writing articles.


You sound like me. Sold my iPad Air for a 1st gen iPad Pro 12.9 and loved it. Used the multi screen all the time. Of course at the time I was iPad only. Then I got my iMac at work and went to the 10.5 and loved that! I loved the portability but didn’t use the split screen at all much less for anything intensive like I used to. I might follow your lead and go for the 12.9 again. Thanks for your thoughts!


I got last year’s iPad Pro 12.9 and upgraded to the new 12.9. I found the latest to be lighter and thinner. It;s easy to carry around and hold without a case (I don’t use cases on my devices). I bought the keyboard folio too since the iPad Pro is my only device now since I sold my MacBook Pro two months ago. So far, I really like the size. Having a big screen but smaller than the previous 12.9. Easier to use one-handed while I draw or annotate.


I personally think that the 11" iPad Pro is the device for most use cases. The larger real estate of the 12.9" is great, but the portability of the 11" is fantastic in every situation. It really comes down to your use case(s) and what you need from the device.


I went from the 9.7 as my main computer (video editing, audio editing, web development) to the 12.9 and I was a bit worried that it would feel way to huge to lounge with on the couch. I can’t say that it has. Reading comics on it during downtime is so awesome. I also wondered if I’d want the 11 eventually but so far I haven’t felt like the 12.9 is a big thing to carry around at all


I went from the previous generation 10.5 to the current generation 12.9 and don’t regret it. It doesn’t feel all that much bigger physically but it has been beneficial to have that additional screen space as I’m using split screen with greater frequency now. I’ve essentially replaced my MacBook Pro uses with this iPad and haven’t had any issues as well as continuing to enjoy all the benefits I had with my 10.5 iPad Pro.

That said, you wont regret the 11 either. They’re amazing and both are equally functional.


I often see this discussion on the 12.9" not being as “portable”. I have never found that to be the case. I have never thought that the screen size was so dramatically different that the 12.9" was unwieldy. Sure, it is bigger, I get it… but compared to other options, it is massively portable (other options being laptops).

I have had both the 1st and 2nd gen 12.9"… and my wife has the 9.7" iPad Pro (1st gen series). If I replace… I am going with the 3rd gen 12.9". It is even more portable than before and there is less physical difference in size between the two… and I have read that the 11" still doesn’t do full size iPad apps when multitasking.


A valid point I’ve never really thought about. I’m still weighing my options and I just found out that my job MAY be changing (for the better! The person above me is possibly retiring.) in the next year. A lot of my designing and video editing (the reason I got my iMac and left the iPad only life) may be going away and I’ll be doing more of what I used to do (study, write, teach) which the iPad is 100% possible of handling.

The possibility that the 11" doesn’t do full size iPad apps when multitasking is something to give me pause.

Thanks for the info!


I don’t think you can go wrong with either. As I’ve said on the show, I think an excellent tipping point is if you have/use a laptop. In that case, the 11” may make more sense as the ultra-portable portable.

If you are going to try and use it as a laptop, the 12.9 is very nice


I am also torn. I’m due for a new iPad and wondering if I should go 11 or 12.9.


This is pretty much my opinion too. I think if you’re going to use the pencil for something like digital painting, then you’re going to benefit from the extra canvas space. If you’re hoping to use your iPad in situation where you might have used a Mac before then you might also benefit from the extra screen space when using split screen.

I don’t think anyone would regret choosing the 11, though. There are good reasons to choose an 11, it’ll fit in smaller bags, it’s a little less expensive, it’s a little lighter.


If you’re coming from an iMac with a big screen, it’s better to go with the 12.9. Even coming from a 15" MacBook Pro, I still find the 11" to be too small. My experience with a 10.5 iPad Pro was when my girlfriend first bought hers and borrowed it at night to draw on Procreate. I bought a 12.9 after two weeks of using hers.

I am now iPad Pro only, just recently upgraded from 2017’s 12.9 to 2018 12.9 iPad Pro.


Another point for the 11 inch iPad: if you like to type in portrait mode with your thumbs, it is much easier.


Is there a specific app that you use for your speaking notes?


I’d say this is fairly easy. If you’ll be using it often as a laptop with a keyboard get the 12.9”. If you’ll be using it with a Pencil to do design/art, get the 12.9”. The main reason to get the smaller is if you’ll be mostly using it as a tablet, often hand holding it. Think of it this way, if you were going to buy a MacBook Air, would you get the 11” (do they still offer that?) or the larger 13”? I know my dad has the 11” and there’s no way I’d want a laptop that small.

These things are so light, 11” or 12.9”, that the difference is minimal especially if you’re using with a keyboard. If the weight difference is too much for you to carry around then you likely have some health issues or you are very, very small. Are you a hobbit? :wink: Actually, I think even a sturdy hobbit would have no problem with the larger iPad.

Given people have been carrying around much larger, heavier laptops for a long time, you’ll likely be able to handle the extra weight of the 12.9”.


I went to the shop, looked at both sizes and once I had the 12.9 in hand, I knew I will take it. It’s just better in every way and still portable enough to be used as a normal tablet. And I would hate to discover in few months that I want the larger one :slight_smile:

If you want to do serious work on it and dont mind the higher price, definetly take the 12.9.


I compose a draft of all communications and presentations in Ulysses and then export to Pages where I do final edits prior to giving a presentation, which is done using Pages for my speaking notes. I do so because I can use the Apple Pencil in Pages to make last minute annotations before I get up to speak. I also like the ability to easily pinch and zoom the text as needed. Additionally, I tend to keep cutting out material but I don’t want to lose it for future reference so I may cut the text and paste it as a comment in Pages at the original location. T’he text is out of sight but available if needed in the future. Finally, because the final “product” is in Pages, it is available on my iPhone should, for whatever reason, my iPad lock up. Finally, for critical presentations I keep a paper backup copy on the inside of my sports coat. One can never be too careful! :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!


I always have a physical copy JUST IN CASE!


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