11" v 12.9" your thoughts?


Oh yeah. Thumb typing is not a thing on the 13”. Doubly so with no split keyboard feature!


I bought the new 12.9 after having the 10.5 and have never regretted the larger size. It seems to hit the sweet spot between a screen and keyboard large enough to work on and portability. I do a lot of document reviews and markup with the pencil and for me, it’s useful to be able to view the document in almost real-size as I go through it (the 12.9 inch is just shy of an A4 sheet of paper).


I asked a few Apple friends, “What the hell about the split keyboard going away?” None of them seem to know.


Keyboardgate: Apple received too many complaints about shoddy keyboards separating down the middle and so, disabled the feature.


That was one of the features I loved most with my old iPad Mini. It was small and light enough to hold in portrait orientation like a big iPhone, and with the split keyboard I could thumb type at ridiculously fast speed.


You all have been super helpful but I think what really pushed me over the edge to the 12.9 was…

  1. Split screen apps on the 11" not showing the full app.

  2. The logic that while it IS bigger than the 11", the 12.9" is still portable. I had to pick up my old Clamshell iBook to remind me what I used to lug around!

  3. The full size keyboard on whichever keyboard case I go with.

Thanks for the help everyone and I’m sure you’ve helped others out there who have the same issue.


I am planning on upgrading to a new iPad Pro. Currently I am using the 9.7 iPad Pro. I was debating between 11" or 12.9". This group is helping me more secure in my decision towards the 12.9".

Irritated they don’t have a 128 GB option anymore, but Apple has made this a pattern already. I will be opting for the 256 GB version.

The big question. Do you see a benefit to Wifi Only OR Wifi+Cellular? I am with Verizon, if that helps.
The difference is a $100 plus whatever the carriers fee will be.

Anyone ever struggle with this and what were your deciding factors?


You probably won’t regret the relatively small extra cost of the cellular option, but you’ll never regret having the option of Internet access anyplace when you need it. Also, having GPS is a nice bonus. (You don’t have to pay for a cellular plan if you’re not going to use it. When I’m travelling, I get a travel SIM and buy enough data access for my trip.)


I have bought one iPad without cellular (a iPad mini) and I have regretted it. To me, ambient, always on internet access is a fundamental part of the iPad experience. An iPad that can’t get on the internet unless you have WiFi is crippled from my POV. Get the cellular.


Speaking as someone who has the 11” and loves it (especially on flights), the 12.9” makes a much better drinks tray :slight_smile:


I am always carrying my iPhone which I use as a modem for the iPad.


This decision will depend on how and where you intend to use the device.

I seem to have WiFi available for 95% of the time I use the iPad. The iPhone HotSpot has become much more reliable since early versions of iOS, and it is serving me well for the 5% edge cases with no WiFi coverage.

However, if I found myself needing cellular connections for 25% or more, I would definitely have opted for the built-in cellular model.


I am in the same boat; it isn’t worth it for me to buy a cellular iPad.

When tethering now I have Bluetooth 5 on both the iPhone (XS) and iPad Pro and it works 100% of the time and takes just a couple of seconds to connect, it’s definitely improved - just as the Bluetooth 5 spec promised.

Data where I live is expensive and an extra SIM is €10 a month, just for a data-only one.

I need it 1-2 times a week max because I also have access to WIFI almost continually.

I use the iPad a lot when travelling but I journey on the metro or long-distance train and there is no 3G signal in either. If this changed, I might consider it.

In terms of the 11" vs 12" argument, I think it depends on your use-case. I use the iPad normally as a reading device to look at research and use my 13" MacBook for working. When doing presentations, I use the MacBook for displaying the slides and the iPad for notes and taking things like class attendance. If you need the iPad as a laptop replacement, the 12," is definitely worth considering.


On the cellular vs wifi iPad front: I went with cellular. I don’t always need it, though recently I’ve been buying it because it’s just €6/month for 4GB of data, but when I do need it I’m very happy to have it. I could tether, but when I need data on my iPad and there’s no wifi I tend to not have extra power for my iPhone available. Last weekend at PodCon there was no wifi, on the Sunday I had a lot to do so just bought a one day data package from Always Online Wireless (one of the eSIM providers), it was $4 - which isn’t cost effective long term/regularly but for the day I needed it, it was excellent. We’ve had internet outages at home too, and being able to buy a data package so I can stay online and get things done is very useful. Having previously been on the road a lot more than I am now I have also encountered lots of hotels without wifi or internet, or just with a poor enough connection that a mobile data package was the way to go, so I’m always happy to have the option available to me.


I bought WiFi only and I wish I had paid for cellular so I had the option to enable data. I agree there are situations where it’s ten times smoother to just open the tablet and start presenting or working on something.


I went cellular. I’ve had no real issues with tethering but I like the added convenience (and not having to wait for syncing after a period of disconnection).


I’m trying to decide that too. I’ve always gone with WiFi only because tethering is so easy but I’m leaning towards cellular because I’ve been doing A LOT of tethering lately. My advice to anyone is if you use it on the go a lot I’d go for the cellular but if you’re using it in the office or home mostly I’d go for WiFi only.


Speaking cellular — Consumer Cellular isn’t tablet friendly. Please suggest current non hot-spot ways to get cellular coverage on my tablet. Want to stay with Consumer Cell on our phones.


I had two cellular iPads (2 & Air) but for my current (prev gen Pro) I went wifi only and haven’t regretted it. Tethering to my phone has worked fine.


Update I went ahead and today purchased the whole set.

iPad Pro 12.9
Space Gray
256 GB
Wifi + Cellular

Apple Pencil
Smart Keyboard Folio * still debating about this purchase, I will do a test for 2 weeks and see how I feel about it.

I also purchased AppleCare (yes I know it might not be needed) but when you have little ones running around, accidents can happen. Better to be safe than sorry.

Deciding factor for cellular for me…I believe @ACautionaryTale and @RosemaryOrchard mentioned this, sorry if I skipped anyone and not give credit to them. I also confirmed this at the Apple Store. I don’t have to instantly get another line with my carrier. I can get a travel sim or something, instead of committing to a monthly fee.

Tonight and tomorrow…the joy and ritual of unboxing apple products, setting it all up, debating which apps are needed and not needed.

Thank you everyone!