11" v 12.9" your thoughts?


Ok, I just went ahead and purchased everything as well: 12.9, 256GB, cellular, space gray, folio keyboard, and pencil. I am blaming this post! :slight_smile: I have heretofore been a small iPad owner (9.7 or 10.5). My main work area is my 27” iMac. This 12.9 now feels like I have my iMac in my hands (meant as a positive comment)…definitely loving the extra real estate. I was using my wife’s new 11” iPad Pro for a few days and just couldn’t go back to my “old” 10.5…the new iPads feel like the right match with the new XS/Max phones…love Face ID.

While I still don’t like Excel on iPad and it is a major part of my work life, I prefer just about every other aspect of the iPad over laptops (not trying to create controversy, just my view for me…I don’t code or video edit…just finance/numbers)…I almost always can limit my spreadsheet work to the iMac and I have a Surface Pro 4 from work that I can use for emergencies on the road.


I wonder if Apple will be sending me a commission…:thinking:

Honestly, congrats and let us know how it’s going for you.


If apple paid commission for recommendations my friends would have set me up for retirement already.


Same here except that I probably would have spent that money on more apple products! :rofl:


Fair call to be honest.


Just ordered my 12.9 256gb iPad Pro. Going with the folio case since I have been using a Magic Keyboard with my iPads for a while. (It’s easier to just bring it along since I never type on my lap and I draw on my iPad a lot.) It all should be here Thursday so Thanks for the help everyone!


@Centris650 Congrats! Have had mine for about 10 days now and absolutely love it! Surprising me how much I like the big version. Like the keyboard folio a lot which I regularly take on and off depending on snag I am doing. I did buy the Pencil as well but haven’t (yet?) found it as necessary though I know others are more positive on it.


I may eventually buy the keyboard folio but just couldn’t justify the $200 when I have a magic keyboard that’s fine. I’ve used my Apple Pencil on my previous iPad pros but only for drawing never for UI. Since it docs at the top who knows maybe I’ll use it more other than drawing.

My daughter has had her 12.9” since christmas and it’s been fun to play on. I can’t wait to get mine and run it through my regular workflow.


Definitely the cellular. It makes connectivity a non-consideration about 95% of the time (I have been in some large buildings where there was poor signal and had to resort to begging for WiFi).


I used many different iPads over the years. When the 12.9” Pro was launched, I purchased it and sold my iPad Air. I loved using that large screen, but it was heavy, and large. I felt I was sacrificing to much mobility, and at the time I was doing significant travel. I guess it was a few months before the 10.5 iPad Pro was available … I broke down and purchased one. I was a member the the #MultiPad club.

Fast forward to this past fall … Apple launched two iPads: a new 11” and an updated 12.9” model. I retired last year, and really wanted to get back to just one ipad. These days, I use my iPad mostly to write, and to edit video and photos. I decided to take a change, and order the 12.9”. This thing feels so much smaller than it is. I have held the 11” and it is super light and mobile, but the size and weight of the 12.9 has not been a problem. And this screen … just amazing and it feels so great to handle.

When people ask me which one I recommend, I always tell them it is very important to understand your workflows and how you plan to use it. If I was traveling like I did in the past, I think I would still carry an 11” for travel, but most of my work would still be preformed on the 12.9.