1Password.....to subscribe or not to subscribe?

I am teetering on whether or not to switch to the subscription for 1Password. Been using it since their early days, but am so anti subscription model. Thoughts?

I’ve been a 1P user forever, but I am digging my heels in against the subscription model. At this point my plan is to stay with 6.8.9 until it doesn’t work any more, then switch to something else.


I’m not against the model, and if I’d been forced to move a year or so ago I would have (I’m still happily on the non-subscription pro version).
But with Keychain now having Touch ID integrated and it’s other improvements, now I’m not so sure. For regular passwords that seems fully adequate.

I suggest waiting until 1p gets its iOS 12 update and see what it offers above keychain.
And consider if you use 1p’s other functionality beyond passwords (I don’t really).

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I use 1password, but don’t subscribe. Tried the code from the show to get it cheaper, but the first action the new password does, was uploading all my password to the cloud. No thanks. Don’t found a way to use just local vaults. If there will be no easy way and the current version of 1password will stop working, i will switch to keychain.

I have the subscription, I pay for it happily, it’s really not a lot of money and as a software developer myself, I want people to pay for my product. I do understand the death by subscription problem, but software as a service is almost always beneficial to all parties.


I bought the macOS, Windows, and iOS Pro App for myself (with a discount thanks to an MPU ad) and some more iOS Pro Apps for family members, but took the Early Bird offer for their Family subscription plan. I now pay $3.99/month for 7 family members (and 7 guests) to use 1Password on all platforms. 1Password is one of the software products where “Software as as Service” makes sense to me: I want them to keep the software up-to-date with new OS versions and to fix vulnerabilities. As a bonus I no longer need to use Dropbox for syncing, so I could uninstall the Dropbox client on my machines.

One of the things that Apple does not offer (also not in the beta OS’s) which I like in 1Password is the 2FA support (1Password can fill in 2FA codes when logging in to sites for which I enabled 2FA). I also use their Secure Notes (and Documents) quite a lot. And I use 1Password on Windows. So for me 1Password still offers more than Apple does/will.


I’ve purchased every version since it was 1passwrd. Currently on a family licence for version 6. As @maennig pointed out there seems little of increased value in version 7. I don’t want a subscription, that would cost $60aud a year for me in order to replicate the family license (just me and my wife).

Hopefully when V6 breaks for me there will be an alternative that is cheaper. I will look again at keychain.

I get the subscription thing, but when it becomes all pervasive it seems tantamount to greed. And not even a certainty for success (I’m looking at you, Newton).

I happily subscribe to a family plan and have it installed on 2 Macs, 1 Windows, 2 iPhones, and 2 iPads. It’s super convenient to have the Windows version for work, where I typically use have my own “Work” vault.


I don’t subscribe. As a single user, I am happy with whatever the last licensed version I paid for happens to be.

I did the math and compared the price of sharing a family subscription with my family vs paying for 1P on all my platforms. I can use 1P for many months before I reach break even…

Add to that the convenience of having a robust cloud sync and the ability to share some passwords with family members.

1Password is the subscription in my life that I get the most value out of and therefore, I gladly pay for it.


Happy subscriber here!

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I’ve subscribed without hesitation, even though the subscription model is something I think is wrong, But, for some necessities I will pay gladly. Having my family in the 1Password subscription means we all benefit. (Especially my kids)

I have considered subscribing as well… Maybe for a family plan for my wife and I. My parents are not very tech-savy but I set up all their passwords and maybe it would help having them in their devices just in case I am not available…
But as a single user I don’t feel any need to go to the subscription. I have been using icloud keychain for the convenience and I like it, but browsing through your passwords in the settings is very cumbersome.
It will be interesting to see if the iOS 12 system integrations will give 1Password a 2nd wind.

I am also a happy subscriber. The app is amazing and I would like to (humbly) contribute to future maintanence and development of 1Password. I can imagine that it takes a lot of work and time.

I too am a happy subscriber. I’ve used 1P since V1. But I must say I am terribly disappointed with V7. The global hot keys are a real bummer for me. They conflict with my main App - Logic Pro - to the point that my key commands I have used forever in both apps conflict. Now, 1P hijacks the key command so I can no longer use it in Logic Pro. I Wish they would offer an option to not have Global Key Commands, but so far, they have rejected the idea.

If they do offer the option, I would gladly upgrade to V7 and continue my Sub. 1P is so helpful and I use it all the time on Mac and iOS. Otherwise, when v6 breaks, I will look for another solution.

I’ve started using KeyChain more for online passwords and keeping 1P for secure notes and software info.

There’s a global hot key that can’t be disabled or changed?!?

I was also an early license user and decided last year to bite the bullet and become a subscriber, I think supporting this developer is very important as 1Password has become a must have in my life and I save a ton if info, documents, etc in it. I also have a day job that requires me to use a Windows machine and the subscriber option made it easier, cleaner and updated more frequently on Windows which I like and is important to me. As a plus, whenever I had an issue, the 1Password team is quick to respond either email or a tweet DM and helped me very fast and easy. This is worth it to me!


Yes, their customer service is top-notch!!

I’m a new subscriber and have been really impressed with the app. I love that it enables management of so many different types of things beyond web un/pw.

Plus, the recent news that Apple is adopting it internally makes me think that deeper integrations may be down the pipe and even though they deny it, I would not rule out an acquisition of 1P by Apple.

Only if you want to share a vault with others.

Otherwise, I rather keep the data in my own iCloud account or if you have great concerns about security & privacy only store it locally and sync it locally to your other devices.