2021 App Store Award Winners -- Craft is Mac App of the Year

Nice win for Craft.


And well deserved in my estimation.


I recently subscribed- any suggestions about how/where to learn (besides the craft site)?

I’d suggest three things–be sure to subscribe to their newsletter. You’ll get tips for how to use Craft-see below. And, there are some good tutorials on YouTube and some that are not as good. :grinning: They also have a very active channel on Slack that I recommend.

Craft works amazingly well for all sorts of content ranging from quick notes to long-form essays and publications. To support the wide range of different content types, Craft offers many advanced features.

Here are 3 of them: …

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2.0 is out.


I’m excited about the extensions! This will allow more customization and expansion, much like Obsidian.


Same here. Now getting tempted to revisit Craft. Several things about Obisidian are frustrating my use of it, and I might see if Craft X can do better.

Looking forward to these extensions … to me, Readwise would be great for my Workflow !

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Likewise, I keep running into irritations with Obsidian. An example is the inability to manually sort documents. This forces me to use a numbering system in file names. If I get deep into a hierarchy and need to make a change I have to renumber the file names. That is a pain. There are other irritations that I’ll not elaborate on here.

I’d already relegated Obsidian to research and writing (not using it for work notes). I’m considering, cautiously, moving my writing projects and research out of Obsidian and into Craft. Although I prefer to work with plain text files directly in iCloud, I feel perfectly “safe” with everything in Craft because I can export any/all files from Craft into a multitude of formats–and there are more formats coming. In a prior post I thought I’d settled on Obsidian over Craft but I’m rethinking this, especially with extensions coming to Craft—that was not on my radar when I went all in with Obsidian.

Additionally, Craft has footnotes on the features to be added list (don’t know when) but in the meantime I can add those as comments, export all to Word then when ready I can finish adding/consolidating footnotes, endnotes and other references in Word for final publication. I think this may be worth experimenting with for a while to see how this affects my workflow.

It would be nice to consolidate nearly all text-based work into a single native application. I should add that my experiment using Apple Notes did not succeed. I was hoping to rely on default applications (Notes/Reminders) but I found it too complicated to get links to notes, there is no back linking, and export format options are extremely limited, to name a few limitations.


I use it most days, but I still routinely find myself wondering how to do certain things. Can you recommend a specific YouTube video that you thought was good ?

Looking forward to the native sweet UI of Craft with the power of Obsidian’s plugins. Aah, finally, the best of both worlds.

I think I’m coming to that same conclusion. Add in the ability to bulk export Craft notes/documents to markdown and one has a beautiful, full featured, native app with data portability.

In its current form, you can select any or all of your Craft documents and export them to Markdown (in addition to TextBundle, PDF, and Microsoft Word). I just gave it a try and it worked as expected.

Exactly, that was my point. This “future proofs” one’s documents and makes them highly portable. :slightly_smiling_face:

Got it. When you wrote, “add in the ability to bulk export…” I thought you meant that this is a feature that you’d like to see added to Craft. Thanks for the clarification, @Bmosbacker.

Data portability is one of the things that initially attracted me to Craft.

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My bad, I reread what I wrote and it was not clear. My apologies. :grimacing: I should have written, "And, with the added ability … "

I just completed a survey from Craft on my satisfaction with it and my most desired feature request. I gave four. :grinning:

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I’m so happy to see Apple acknowledging Craft. This app is definitely one to watch. I still prefer Obsidian for a variety of reasons, but Craft is definitely making strides and now I’m using it on several collaborative projects.


As a teacher I started using it some days ago when I read about it. Publishing single notes as websites is soooo valuable for me and the students can comment without signing up for an account. This is so useful for me.


Similarly, I ran an online conference a few months ago. I prepared the agenda in craft then shared the link, using craft’s built-in sharing, with everyone who joined in. It was very easy for me to make updates on the go, and very easy for everyone to view.