2022 App Store Awards are up

BeReal social media app
GoodNotes 5
MacFamily Tree

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Some well deserved awards, there. Gentler is a new one to me. Any users here? I currently use Training Today to do something similar.

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Can’t shake the feeling that Apple is promoting “Be Real” as a thumbed nose at Facebook and Twitter. Kinda.

I don’t play games on iOS or iPhone.

I just downloaded GoodNotes 5 a few weeks ago. Still trying to decide what to write vs. type vs is it useful or just another app and another place to store stuff.

The rest is not even something I want to learn more about, agreed.

You probably don’t want to turn GoodNotes into a big repository. The most effective way I’ve found to use it is paired with shortcut icons that go straight to a long-running file (work scratchpad, class notes, digital planner, or whatever is your primary use case.)

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It’s one of my favourite apps I discovered this year. Developer continues to improve it on a frequency basis.

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Anything extra it (Training Today) offers that the default Fitness app doesn’t

Same question for Gentler @d.asinDavid

Training Today measures your HRV over time and advises you on what kind of workout you’re in shape for, or if you should keep resting. Since it’s based on heart data and not days since last workout, it will pick up on other factors in your life that interfere with recovery, which lets you exercise more effectively than a fixed workout schedule would. I would say it’s entirely complementary to the Fitness app.


  • if you’re a push-through-anything type of athlete, it will do nothing for you.
  • It only works if your heart/health data is reliable.
  • It doesn’t do very many checks per day, so you need to wear your watch all day if not to bed so you can get enough of them.
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I didn’t! Good call.

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I use Gentler Streak to get an idea of how my ofer activity trends are looking, and to know when it’s a good idea to take a rest day. I often overdo it with Apple’s fitness apps.

Gentler Streak is good. I don’t pay for it; just the free one gives me enough data. The app you mentioned sounds better at using other data to determine your body’s readiness scores (this isn’t that, so much as just a gentler basic fitness app than Apple Fitness).

I am slightly suspicious of Gentler Streak: a 5k run is “amazing, great job!” However, a 30 minute HIIT workout followed by a 30 minute Yoga cooldown gets a “yeah, ok, whatever, why don’t you go for a run?” (It’s too cold here to run through the winter season. That ain’t happening.)

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The heart rate for a HIIT workout is in a similar spot to running, actually. The caloric burn is slightly less, but combine it with a yoga workout and it’s a whole heap.

The digital tech for any of it just isn’t there. If anybody told me in real life that they did 30 minutes of intense HIIT a day and some yoga and everything, I’d say “that there is a strong, fit person with a good heart condition.” But our digital tools have no idea what to do unless you run.

We have a long way to go with measurement in general.

Totally agree with you, which is why I said 30 minutes of HIIT and then a yoga session “a day,” or every day. I’d assume they’re in good shape then. But you’re bang on.

I try to just marry a bit of common sense with whatever my Watch is telling me. It’s that Pirates thing: more a guideline than a rule.

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That’s exactly what I like about it, though. I struggle with athletics and fitness and it’s so demoralizing to feel unexpectedly wiped out by a workout when I should be ready for the next one. The HRV data is imperfect but it’s giving me a more holistic picture of my readiness. And caught being sick ahead of time once.

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