4TB storage in iCloud

I think MPU talked a few episodes back about getting 4TB of storage on iCloud, but that they couldn’t find how to get that much storage. I found the answer finally.

  1. Get Apple Premiere One plan which includes 2TB.
  2. buy an additional plan of 2TB iCloud storage

4 TB total :smiley:

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I have a Premiere One plan, but the iCloud Drive settings in Monterey only show the 2TB and have no option to buy more.

I also found this:

If the customer is already enrolled in an iCloud+ storage plan that has more storage than they would be receiving in the Apple One plan, then the two storage amounts stack together and they’ll still pay for the separate storage plan.

However, if the customer is already enrolled in an iCloud+ storage plan with less storage than is in their Apple One plan, the separate plan will be canceled when they sign up for Apple One.

There also seems to be a bug where the additional options won’t appear if you use a separate ID for purchasing and iCloud.

Thanks. That explains why I don’t see any options for storage beyond the 2TB Premiere One level – iCloud and purchase accounts are different.

Ugh - this is a pain :frowning:

Has anyone ever found a way around this, or am I stuck with 2TB only?

Unfortunately the family are rabid shutter buggers and filled the family plan 2TB and I’m looking for ways to extend this

Looks like it’s quite easy to get 4TB, doesn’t it? We have a family plan with 2TB and I could easily upgrade to 4TB it seems.

Spent a few hours on the phone to their support, because my purchases email and Apple ID are different, can’t be done.

The workaround they suggest is to purchase iCloud+ using the other adult family member on the account and share that. Bit rubbish to be honest.

They invited me to provide feedback - I’m sure that has gone in to a black hole never to be seen again


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