516: Looking Toward 2020

Big thanks to everyone who chimes in on David’s thread about ideas for this episode, and here’s to a great new year.


Great episode guys. @ismh I haven’t said yet, but great job this year and it’s awesome to hear your voice on MPU!


What a great years of MPU! Great work @MacSparky and @ismh on a year of great content. I have enjoyed the mix of conversation about Apple, reviews and deep dives, interviews, and variety of guests. It’s been a great reminder of the depth of interesting people that use these incredible tools.

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What are your thoughts on installing Mojave 10.14.x on the new Mac Pro ?
I have a situation where 32Bit apps can’t be replaced…

Usually, Mac cannot run older versions of macOS than what they shipped with, and the new Mac Pro runs 10.15.1 out of the box. However, you could put Mojave in a virtual machine, no problem.

Thanks for your reply!

I asked Apple via the Apple store app and they told me it can but I rather rely on people who own the machine and have done it.
Perhaps you might hear from one of your buddies who own one as well :wink:

Running Mojave in a VM on the Mac Pro isn’t an appealing solution to me :nerd_face:

Thanks heaps MPU for a great 2019 - haven’t missed an episode since you started! I upgraded to a MacBook Pro 13 in November 2019 and despite other user concerns and experiences, I’m amazed how quiet and cold the MBP is, not to mention how good the new speakers sound (if you’re running Boom in the background and sitting in front of the MBP or running sound through the Thunderbolt Display - nearly a “true” sound). I run my MBP with my trusty Thunderbolt Display, magic keyboard with number pad as I’m a bean counter, and track pad. I use my MBP with daily apps Devonthink 3, Omnifocus, Mail, Office 365 along with multiple Safari browsers (Xero and others). During the holiday season, I used my MBP away from my home office and quickly saw the awesome productivity power of the MBP Touch Bar with 1password and app usage - so in 2020 I hope Apple release a magic keyboard with number pad and Touch Bar. I also hope Apple release a Notes app for Apple Watch - I can’t believe this App isn’t available now. Any thoughts?

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Please link to David’s thread as I can’t seem to locate it.

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