528: The Merlin Awakens

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Merlin: “I was trying to impress Katie because I always had the sense that she deeply disliked me.”

David: “She liked you.”

Promising start, haha.


Entertaining (as I expected it would be.) I would have liked even more discussion about our tools achieving TV-level reliability. Obviously we don’t demand that standard of the developers who make software for us. What would we have to pay for it, or how many features would we give up to never have to think about the remaining features?

Agreed that Drafts’ Mac presence has increased its utility a great deal, too.

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Oh Merlin, lol. That man.

It might be me as a European - I had to turn off half through the podcast, this was just too much for me, I do have all the sympathy and understanding for Katie.

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As a Brit (lol) I love Merlin I find him endlessly fascinating. His perspective on the world is very interesting and has helped me reframe many topics for the better.
This was a particularly fast paced scattergun episode though and maybe it’s the kind of thing you have to acclimate to rather than going Full Merlin straight away :joy:.


It doesn’t help that Full Merlin is a moving target. I’m sure his ‘22-23 MPU appearance will be quite something.

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I’m curious how Merlin uses Taskpaper and OmniFocus side by side. I tried using Taskpaper and Things side-by-side for a couple of days and decided that was too much overhead keeping up two systems, so I switched back to full-time Things.

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I listen to a slew of podcasts, mostly Apple-related. Al the good shows! One of the longest-standing for me, outside of MPU, is Back to Work with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin.

It’s a great show to get an insight into Merlins strangely-wired brain.
They used to do a newsletter with the shownotes, which is a big part of this show for me, as Merlin is an awesome discoverer of all internetty-things to use the man’s own lingo.

The newsletter however went away. Is there any way to automate an email with the shownotes when a new episode airs?

The B2W RSS feed is here. You could use a service like Blogtrottr’s free tier to send you an email when the feed updates. I’ve used Blogtrottr for years.

I guess IFTTT and zapier can do something similar. Thanks!

Sure, if you’re paying for it already. Blogtrottr can be used free.

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I still have a file box with 43 folders…unemployed, but not forgotten. And with guilt am admitting that I’m listening to C.W. McCall’s “Convoy” as I type this.
Bravo Merlin Mann…

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one thing that keeps me coming back to this podcast is how clean the language generally is but my was there really a need to swear… luckily we get the bleeps.

Edit* listening through actually he wasn’t too bad :slight_smile: