532: BetterTouchTool


Ooh, I’ve been waiting for this one. I own BTT but have never gotten into using it.


Looking forward to listening to the episode. Here are the 8 trackpad actions I’ve been using for many years. Most of them are pretty self-explanatory but the 2-finger double tap activate the area screenshot via CleanShot, which is really handy. BTT is one of the first apps I install on a new computer. Working on multiple monitors and being able to arrange windows via the trackpad is a game changer.



IIRC you can add several variations of the same drawing gesture which ideally would make it easier to trigger. I think… gotta check

Two of my most used gestures are Rotate Left and Rotate Right to maximize windows left and right respectively.


One of my friends combined BTT with QLab for show control. Here’s a link to his blog post to read more!

I admit I’m jealous of all of these BTT window management gestures.

Do any of you BTT aficionados ever suffer from wrist/hand pain or other RSI issues when using the trackpad? I switched to a mouse because pain would present in an hour or so of use. Maybe it’s something ergonomic about the way I use the trackpad…?

I switch between them a lot. My thumb really dislikes video editing on the trackpad because the edge of the trackpad ends up on the side of my thumb (usually just above the joint) while I hold for click and drag. Horizontal scrolling however is a dream. So at times I’ll trackpad with my left hand and mouse with my right (I primarily use the Logitech Master mouse, which is shaped for the right hand).

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I used mice from 1985-2016, whereupon I switched to a Magic Trackpad 2. Never looked back. I use an extended desktop keyboard with numeric keypad, and the trackpad is to the right of the keyboard. I’ve always found it a little ungainly to use a laptop pointing device, be it rollerball, trackpad or ThinkPad pointing stick, and given all my years (decades!) using a mouse to the side I found it a natural spot to place the trackpad as well.

I had some RSI pain in the 90s but I changed my monitor/seating/typing placement and haven’t had issues since.

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Thanks @RosemaryOrchard & @bowline.

To your point, @bowline, I have a Magic Trackpad 2 I offset to the right as well. My hand just hurts from the claw it turns into as I use it… just something to be conscious of, I guess.

Or I can learn to be ambidextrous like Rose and crew…

I really only use BTT to empower the touchbar on my MacBook Pro it really is a game changer for an otherwise under developed feature.

For example I have a perspective workflow set up on the touch bar allowing me to access all my most use OF perspectives and shortcuts without having to remember numerous keyboard shortcuts or open a KBMaestro palette. In VSCode I have buttons to SFTP, switch and refresh browsers when testing, etc etc.

A must have utility if you have a touchbar Mac IMO.

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I’m just coming back to the Mac from iOS and having fun configuring my MacBook, this episode is perfect for me. Quick query to see if this is possible with BTT if anyone knows. I want a productivity gesture i.e. I double tap with 3 fingers and I want.

  1. Load Reminders
  2. Load BusyCal
  3. Put them on the same space, Reminders in the left pane and BusyCal in the right pane.

I’ve figured out how to load each of the apps but I can’t seem to work out how to get them to pane like this. Any ideas?

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Inspired by this I defined two:

  • Two-finger swipe right to move the current window to the right side of the next monitor.

  • Two-finger swipe left to move the current window to the left side of the next monitor.

What I wanted - but didn’t figure out how to do was to move the window to the left monitor or the right explicitly. Instead have to move to next.

Ideally I’d be double-tapping in each corner to provide 4 window move and size actions.

This on a 15” 2015 MacBook Pro.


I was really excited to hear them talk about this, as I am currently awaiting my first Touch Bar-enabled Mac. I don’t really want a Touch Bar, but I did want the 16" MacBook Pro, and that was my only option.


Which one?

(Apologies if you’ve already posted the answer somewhere else.)

I’m currently using Apple’s discontinued wired version of the Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad. Between frequent daily use of the numeric keypad and muscle memory for inverted -T arrow-keys to the side, I can’t be nearly as productive without an extended keyboard.


It’s not the best keyboard I’ve used, but it might be the best Apple keyboard I’ve used.

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Thank you … I agree that is a very good and well-built keyboard.

See if this works. You might have to adjust the delay steps to let things load and catch up.


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I am hanging fire. However I am wondering how useful the way it apparently has of making right and left option and commands into different modifiers? I uninstalled the hyper key I was finding useful as a matter of fact and this looks a better option. I DO as a matter of fact use the right side modifiers sometimes. I think i am unusual. Do you? As a matter of course I mean. for example cmnd shift 1 combination is a lot easier if you right side keys? or is that just me?