584: Everything Fades to Black

In hindsight, I clearly picked the most depressing of our possible titles. Whoops.


I did check the show notes to make sure it wasn’t a surprise final episode…


@MacSparky is playing Apple Arcade games and didn’t even say what games??

I wasn’t worried. Since I knew @MacSparky loves jazz, I figured @ismh might be a Metallica fan. :grinning:


I also use Contacts as a poor man’s CRM. When I was starting out I was a salesman for a major freight company and learned how much people appreciated it when you remembered their birthday, or anniversary, or the names of their spouse and children, etc. I still try to remember these things and keep this kind of info in my contacts, of which I currently have several hundred.

A Tip for those that use Gmail. In webmail, if you hover over the Sender’s name on an email, then select “More Info” when their address is presented, their contact details along with a list of recent emails and meetings (from your calendar) will be displayed.

NoMoRoBo. Between AT&T’s efforts to block spam which, IMO, is OK but not perfect, and the “Silence Unknown Callers” feature on my iPhone, I no longer need Nomorobo. Another reason I keep an extensive contact list.

fyi, YouTube Premium is 33% more expensive if purchased in-app:

iOS: $15.99/month
Web: $11.99/month

Note: if you subscribe on the web, you will still receive the same benefits on iOS (as long as you’re logged in to the same account).


“Fade To (Space) Grey”? :wink:


I haven’t used the ‘Search OmniFocus’ Alfred workflow (largely because I haven’t found enough need to pay for Alfred yet) but for anyone else who may be in the same boat, or who doesn’t use Alfred: Command + O in OmniFocus opens a great little search bar that I didn’t know about until very recently but now use quite often.

It doesn’t search tasks, but does do perspectives, folders, projects, and tags. :slight_smile:

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Hah, I just found out about that yesterday, after suddenly wondering why OF didn’t have a quick launcher like every other modern app. Evidence:

Enjoyed the episode! Please bring dark comedy to contemplating death more often.

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@MacSparky, FacileThings has a review function too, and it’s even better than the OmniFocus one!

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I don’t know what the reason was for all the ruckus over the @MacSparky OmniGraffle “Project Status Board.” It seems to me to be perfectly obvious that his comprehensive master screen tracking all projects/areas is the “One Screen That Rules Them All.” :slightly_smiling_face:

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I, too, was surprised to hear that was controversial. The status board does seem fiddly but (a) I am not David; my needs are not his and (b) sometimes fiddly can be meditative.

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Like @ismh, I don’t find backlinking or even deeplinking essential in my Obsidian usage. Mainly, I like it because it is a very nice Markdown editor and document organizer, and it plays extremely well with DevonThink. Extremely well. As I said elsewhere, to me they have become like a single app.

Yeah, I read the title and felt so very very sad and gloomy :slight_smile:

Could anyone share a link to the Star Wars keycaps @MacSparky mentioned??


Here you go. I take no responsibility for money spent. :slight_smile:


RE: Sorted3. I’ve been using Calendar366 to handle my tasks and calendar events, and it’s been doing an adequate job. I don’t need time blocking, which is where @MacSparky seemed to find it useful, so I’m wondering how these 2 apps compare. Since I’m always looking for greener grass, is there anything that would give me a reason to move to (or even try) Sorted?


The issue, then, is it’s fiddliness. I would like a product solution but I’d certainly take a roll-your-own solution.

I might raise the question under “Pi etc” on the Automator board - as I’ve been thinking of doing so for some time - using a Raspberry Pi and a spare monitor. I’d had the roll-your-own idea a while back. What’s novel about @MacSparky’s set up is that it’s more graphical than mine by miles. That might be the bulk of its fiddliness.

I was just thinking yesterday, when I started food tracking again, “I wonder what David Sparks uses to track food?”

Trying FoodNoms now! Thanks, @MacSparky.