586: iPhone Productivity

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When was this episode recorded?
Is @MacSparky still using Hey - as we know the Macstories team have moved away from it.

I hope @MacSparky is still using Hey…one reason I enjoy MPU is because David Sparks avoids talking about politics.


I believe that Stephen has said in the past that they usually record on Monday.

IIRC, the news about Basecamp broke on Tuesday.

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We recorded before the Basecamp news broke.


The news that Basecamp doesn’t want their employee’s talking politics on the job?

After 586 episodes, I’ve never heard David or Katie (back in the day) talk politics or accuse people of being racists. I hope he doesn’t start.


For someone who doesn’t want to talk politics, you’re trying real hard to talk about politics!


They moved away from Hey because of the news that Basecamp doesn’t want their people going on about their politics at work?

FWIW, I don’t think most are accusing DHH and Jason of being racists per se, but rather their prohibition on staff being open with each other about issues of race, equity, and inclusion — particularly, given a history of issues on such topics within the company. Everyone is different, but I’m personally considering whether I want to support this company in the future, though I enjoy HEY as a product. I’m also worried about its future with almost half the company leaving. But, in terms of MPU typically focusing on tools, HEY is an interesting take on email and it’s tough to know when to take the discussion deeper.


Well, you’ve essentially just lit a political match in this topic. Were better off not saying anything.

Back on topic though, I wish for a future where I can connect my iPhone to a dock and use it to run a complete version of macOS on a bigger screen. :grinning:

Oh wait…

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Sort of the other way around: DeX Mode | Device Multitasking | Samsung US

In the interest of not seeing this thread derailed, I’d like to suggest (and as I’m simply an avid listener and a member of this community with precisely zero authority, it’s just that — a suggestion) that we stay away from the Basecamp controversy in this thread.

We already discussed it at length here. Those who are interested can listen to Connected #343 for Stephen, Myke, and Federico’s discussion of the issue.


If you’ve paid attention to what the Basecamp issue is actually about, it did start with a list of customer names which were being made fun of for, basically, being non-White/Anglo-Saxon sounding names – which, let’s be clear, definitely has racist overtones.

Many white people think being called racist only means that you shout the ’N’ word at people. That’s overt racism, and it’s not the most common type of racism. In fact, it’s more of a “straw man” that white people use to say “Well, I’m not like that so I’m not racist.”

What Basecamp was apparently trying to do was to suppress discussion about “political” topics, which is a position often held by white people who are comfortable with the status quo and don’t want to deal with things like sexism, racial injustice, homophobia, oppression, etc. By declaring those topics “off limits” they were sending a message to employees that if they fit into one of those groups, issues that affect their lives — including their ability to walk down the street without being killed by police — were not important.

If you think that David, Katie, or Stephen agree with that idea, I think you’d be in for a surprise.

What many heterosexual white people consider “political” is what many people of color/non-heterosexual people consider issues of life and death, at worst, and issues of being able to live and work with the same freedoms that white people (especially white men) usually take for granted.

Not caring about those issues or not wanting to talk about those issues is a privilege that not everyone has, and those of us who aren’t directly affected by them should be trying to learn more about how we can help the world be a place where everyone is treated equally.

If you don’t care about those issues because they don’t affect you directly, well, I don’t know how to tell you that you’re supposed to care about other people. If you do care about other people, then, whenever possible that should be reflected in the choices that you make, including what products and services you use.


That is a good idea and good suggestion (which I did not see until after I posted my previous reply).

Again, not that the topic is off-limits, but that we can reserve that discussion for the places where it is already happening.

For myself, I will refrain from further comment about Basecamp here.


I think we were typing at the same time, since I saw your avatar and ellipsis as I started. :grin:

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Except, that’s not true. It was a list of funny names. If you have ever worked with a lot of names in a database, there are a lot of odd ones. Nothing to do with race. Sometimes it’s just translations from other languages that are silly/bad words in English. Sometimes people intentionally change their name to something odd.

The other post was pretty tame, we could have talked about this there.

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Does anyone have an invitation to My Mind they wouldn’t mind sharing? In the meantime I’m keen to hear anyone’s thoughts on how it connects information vs. how DevonThink connects.

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Let’s get back on topic…this thread seems to have wandered a little off topic…

I used to try and do everything on my phone but now I dont at all. I am trying to use my phone less and reclaim back time in my life. I avoid using tasks/todo lists or productivity apps, and i still thing i am as productive as i ever was.


I have a few invites for My Mind kicking about, here you go: brhdgEc